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eyes of fire


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May 8 13 7:34 PM

i claim first world citizen rite: o-rh haplo "x".

A Uniquely Anthropological Approach to Human Origins and Dispersals

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  1. American Indians, Neanderthals and Denisovans: PCA and ADMIXTURE

    [...] associated PCA is very similar to the one that lacked American Indians. Neanderthals are bottom left, Denisovans are top [...]

  2. Native Americans Most Closely Related to Neanderthals « Social Conscience & Rational Thinking

    [...] Here’s a scientfic article that states that native American Indians have more Neanderthal DNA in them than other human populations: Neanderthal DNA in native Americans [...]

  3. Alvah Hicks
    Alvah Hicks October 30, 2012 at 12:31 am · Reply

    The following comment supports An American Wellspring or Out of America I with no admixture from Denisova… also see the supplement last graph for negative values pointing to ancestral position for Amerindians. They are nodal for all genetic conditions including archaeologically, as pre-Clovis sites have nothing to do with Old World Paleolithic systems, being, rather, the signature of Ancient Modern Humans (using an outdated definition that needs to be revisited (vs archaic modern humans), original pre-Upper Paleolithic behavior/subsistence strategy.

    “The apparent absence of Denisova ancestry in Native Americans in our study could be influenced by the biased affinity to the Neandertal genome that is expected because of ascertainment bias and genetic drift, but analyses of unascertained low-coverage shotgun sequence data from a single Native American individual resulted in a similar conclusion (24). If absent in America, the Denisova component must have appeared in the ancestors of East Asians after their divergence from Native Americans, which has been dated to ∼14–30 kya (58, 60, 61). from above Skoglund & Jakobsson’s “Archaic Human Ancestry in East Asia” (2011)”

  4. neutronium
    neutronium March 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm · Reply

    Why are humans so spread out on the left-right axis? Chimps are so much farther than humans than the other species, so it’s like showing the left-right axis in miles and the north south in feet. Would random DNA do the same thing as chimp DNA?

    Also, why not just plot the human-neanderthal distance vs the human-devension distance? No more arbitrary outgroups and no more “why are they shifted toward chimps?” confusion.

  5. Ruth Robertson
    Ruth Robertson April 8, 2013 at 10:04 pm · Reply

    Read with interest this study, for as a lay-person who recently got the results of her National Geographic 2.0 Geome test results back, I was struck by the fact that I was listed as having 11% American Indian in me and 3.4% Denisovan. I could not for the life of me see where that percentage could have happened, and this study confirms the great impossibility of it having come from the American Indian side. I then remembered reading that several members of my extinct tribe (Maidu) had interbred with some native Hawaiians who had been brought over to work in the sugar fields here in California some time ago. That would definitely explain the influence of the Denisovan DNA in my book. All my other percentages dealt with my being Norther European.

  6. O Planeta dos Macacos Mestiços | Grupo Raiz da Terra – Talismã-TO

    [...] Os Homo sapiens - espécie exótica e invasora suprema – ao encontrar estes outros humanos fizeram o que continuariam fazendo depois: sexo e conquista. O resultado é que 1% a 4% do DNA das populações não africanas atuais é de origem Neandertal, enquanto até 6% do genoma dos nativos melanésios é Denisova.Alelos desta origem também aparecem no genoma de populações no sudeste asiático e de índios americanos. [...]

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eyes of fire


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#22 [url]

May 9 13 8:12 PM

from my facebook page

happy anniversary!!!!!!

victim's impact statement: for the events of may 9th, 2012;
at: unit 27- 7 riverstone road,
winnipeg, MANITOBA,
upon turtle island: aprox; 9 pm?

on this day of the creator; or may 14, 2012; i, birth name: scott phillip hayes: (corporateshell: INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE); and my two children: (corporateshells: AVALON DEANNA RAVENSTONE: aged: 16 years and: (LAKOTA SKY RAVENSTONE): aged: 15 years, do hereby commit to paper the events to the best of our ability to recall; the events at our home mentioned above in this MANITOBA HOUSING PROJECT.

one: at aprox; 3pm on that day, i was approached by (corporateshell: KORA BIGHETTY): and her man: BILLY last name unknown to me, and i was asked to watch their three children: RALENE: aged: 15 years: EMMA: aged: eleven years: hazzle: aged: 5, as they, KORA and BILLY: were intoxicated, i agreed in the interest of the stability of their three children to watch out for them, as they are relations of my two children's mother from north RESERVES; and close friends to my two children.

two: unbeknownst to myself was a call placed by EMMA to a children's aide service worker: reporting the intoxicated state of thier parent's: KORA and BILL; at aprox; 9 pm the WINNIPEG POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFICER'S, arrived and a brief intense round of words exchanged with me; in which i told them i had the parent's Kora and BILLY's consent to watch their children. i asked by which act were they here with, they stated they were acting under the child welfare act, and proceeded to minipulated and intimadate me into surrendering the three children in question, to which i informed them i am neither obligated nor subject to agree, the children do not need this upheaval to FOSTER HOMES, they would safe here with me and my two children. i asked them to bring KORA and BILLY here to confirm this earlier agreement for me to watch their three children, which they agreed but failed to move with, these officer's also agreed to bring the chidren's aide worker to discuss the matter after i had calmed down, more and then more POLICE cars arrived and sensing i had been desceaved; i told the three girl's to go inside and stay with my two girls; i had another discussion about the child welfare act did nothig to protect me from sexual and physical abuses done upon me as a child, which is responsible for my post tramatic stress disorder to this day; and the child welfare act has done for my daughter's care, support and investment in their education; these OFFICER'S wore no identifying name tags, so they remained unknown to me in name, one officer continued to stare at my forehead and pulled on black gloves, i asked him if he intended to assault me, and he took the gloves off, EMMA'S aunt arrived and i released EMMA to her, as EMMA called her to take her home; leaving RALEAN and HAZZLE to be taken to FOSTER HOMES; which was not clear to me as too why?

three: from my door i explained that CANADA and MANITOBA only truly exist on paper by DOMINION; thus hold no lawfull authority over our orginal to the law-land of turtle island, they agreed with what ever i said and tried to act as my friends? i commented they had an interesting use of psychology, that they were only agreeing to menover me into releasing the two girls from my care and custody, to which they agreeed and asked again if they could just see the girls, four more OFFICER'S came and went around the back house, i warned them not to do this, i would defend these children's right's and i told the girls to lock the back door and protect RALEAN and HAZZLE: the OFFICER'S at the front door contniued to pull on the door and threaten me, i asked them three times if they were bad men, to which they replied no and were forcing the screen door so i picked up a staff i was carving and held it and told them they did not have my consent to enter and that i would defend these children. the back door burst open and i ran to meet the officer's breaking and entering with force and warned them to stop, i was hit with something in the arm, but i proceeded to hold the staff in a defensive posture, and i was rushed and yes i aimed for the OFFICER'S shoulder but he moved to tazer me so i brought it down and i did not see where it landed, and i was grabbed and thrown on my head on to the concete step and seized, choked, kicked and punched, and then it all became very weird as i was being strangled, kicked and then jumped on with an officer's knees ion the hump and socliosis of my spine! they called me a "sovereign terrorist" and this went from "harbouring children" to being a "sovereign !+$$%#!: remember?" my children and RALEAN were screaming "your killing him!" "no where not he's resisting arrest" and my daughter screamed, that i was disabled and had a broken back, all i could hear after this point were the children being pulled away screaming "your killing my dad!" the OFFICER'S hit my head on the concrete and tightened the hood on my sweater, effectively chocking off any air and the ech put a boot on my and pulled my arms and legs and hood, i wiggled to get air, and said "your killing me!" i was kicked in the ribs, and told i was resisting arrest, they flipped me on my back still choking me with the hood, and each grabbed an arm and a leg and then one OFFICER stomped my testicles, teling me to stop resisting! they turned me over again on my chest and kicked me in the ribs, "that will teach you to hit cops!" they released my hood and forcfully handcuffed me truning the left cuff the other way around and locking tightly till i screamed! they bounced my head off the concrete again and then hauled me down the back lane, i shouted; "no way! take out front i know what your going to do to me!" which a moment later proved correct and i was kicked in the tailbone, and dragged to the roadway and slammed face first into the trunk of the car, they put a screened hood over my head and sinched my ankles, they searched my pockets three times slamming my head on the hood, they tossed my keys wallet and lighter and tabacco on the trunk infront of my face, i told them them, "your just bullies, no diffent then the bullies who kicked the crap out me when i was six, your just bullies!" to which i got punch in the kidneys and and shoulder, shoved face first in the back seat of the car and my feet hooked to the ceiling of the car, they searched me again, "you already did that three times!" i muttered through the blood in my mouth, i can not recall the response.

four: i laid there waiting to be taken away, they talked about killing me, "to clean this up." they drove me around and i asked for medical attention, they said something like, "not until that OFFICER you struck gets attention first." they then tried to link me a colonial sovereintist's in the states attacking the government, and i was the ring leader, "if that was true i would not still be here on disablity," i said, they paused, "i am a sovereign original, not a colonial sovereigntist." i was told to "shut my %!$!%$* mouth!" i told them to be carefull, "i set up those who set me up." i said, they stopped somewhere, and other OFFICER'S came and hurled abuse's at me, they made comment's about my daughter's, i can't recall, but one thing they asked was "why weren't my kids in school?" i told them; "because my youngest was bullied at school and a teacher present ignord my daughters pleas for help and she went up on the play structure and the bully puled her down smashing her teeth on the ladder and falling on her face which broke her collar bone, and the whole thing was covered up and and the school board changed their policy and put the responsibility on the native boys parents, and nothing came of it." i said, they made comments i can't recall, they went back over the accusation's of me being a terrorist and the ring leader, i told them i was not and could they please prove that because as far as i knew i was alone in this and others stole my work and cut me out of it." they went quiet on that.

five: they drove around for awhile and finally took me to the underground POLICE garage, where other officers came and called me names, one officer opened the door at my head and wrapped his hands around my throat effectively ckoking me and then climbed in and put my head between his knee's and punched me repeatedly in the back of my skull, he puched me a few seconds later got out slammed the door and another officer opened the door at my feet and undid the ankle sinch from the ceiling and pulled me out half way and slowly closed and opened the door like he was comtimplating breaking my legs with the door, "i know what your going to do, your gonna break my legs!" i said, he laughed and continued to torment me this way, he pulled me out and i thought i was going to face plant on the side walk when he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and dropped me to the pavement, he picked me up by the right elbow and dragged me inside, hitting my head on the door frames and walls, i screamed, your breaking my arm!" he said "good." he dropped me on my head, pulled me up and lifted my sweater, and then dragged my stomach on the floor and i was cut up on stomach from the sand on the floor, they tossed me on the floor of a holding cell, tied the sinch to the table and beat me up again, "i need medical attention!" they denighed me, they left me for an hour and returned, berated me with insults about what happens to anyone who hits cops, i asked for them to loosen the cuffs and for water over the next few hours and they denied me, "i need a doctor..." and so on for five hours they came in and gently cleaned the blod off my face a few times, they finally came in and loosened the cuffs and oddly spray peroxcide on my wrists over and over, "what are you doing?" i asked, "cleaning you up, we wouldn't want you to get and infection." they laughed, "so have you finished resisting?" "yes, yes i have sir." and discover i was bleeding from a pucture wound on my right bi-cept and they hauled out to the car and drove around town for a time and took me to seven oaks hospital, they unsinched my feet and took me inside, they told the hospital staff what happened as if i wasn't there, i saw that afircaner doctor who treated me for bell's palsy and pnomnia a few weeks before, i thanked him for curing the bells' palsy but the pnomnia returned twice, the actual truth was i returned to that hospital for the pnomnia and they made me wait six hours, i got fed up and left, breathing is the first condiction of immediate care in every hospital.

six: the doctor, cut my right sleave, put a local in my bi-cept and stapled the hole in my bi-cept, "why is there so much blood on him, the officer said, "that's not his blood, thats the OFFICER'S blood he hit." which is untrue, i was sent for xray which left me a bright red colour on my chest and head, and then an mri, i was taken back to the waiting room, the doctor looked into my eyes and and then at the officer's, he said oddly paced; "there are no broken bones or dislocations." it was weird, the doctor looked in my eyes and said, "how many hours has he been cuffed like this, "five hours." said the OFFICER and then, "they really worked you over didn't they?" to which i replied by putting my left finger to my mouth and shhh'd him, he looked horrified.

seven: i was taken back and dragged in again hitting the door frames with my head, to be processed for arrest, all the guards and police knew my name and called me "INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE!" and mocked and insulted me, i was taken to a woman guard's office, not being told why i was sat there, she did not identify herself, but said; "you ca tell me anything in confidence," i looked at the opened door, "if that was true, the door would be closed." i said, and struggled to my feet and shuffled back to the counter for further processing, i was taken for a cavity search, and took my clothes off to the surprised face of the guard, he pulled on gloves and asked me to bend and spread my butt cheeks, he looked and walked out, he did not enter my rectum? i looked back at his face and his eyes were wide, he left and told me to shower, that's when i discover i had been bleeding from the kick to the tailbone and my hemeroids were puffed out covered in blood, it took sometime to figure out the temperature setting, i showered the best i culd and watch blood turn the water at me feet red.

eight: despite the mocking of my name, i was well treated and saw the male nurse, who bandaged my torn finger right finger, which had ben bleeding the whole time, i don't know when that happened? he bandage the staples and gaused it with extra tape, and that was all, nothing for the immense pain, but did give me a small cup of water, i was then taken to the counter and told to write my name, using my birth name, which i had changed after 2000, to protect myself and my family and for artistic purpose's as i had said at the time, they claimed i did not have my wallet or anything else on me when arrested, so i had to sign in my birth name? which is not the name they called me by, and repeated asked my name, "scott phillip hayes and INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE is my corporate shell, dba, they hassled me, and contniued to call me weirdly, "INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE!" "your friends call you MOON, can i be your friend MOON?" said one OFFICER mocking me, i was taken to the fourth floor and had to carry the white netted bag and when i could not carry the thin hard matress they gave me, they took both the bad and matress and carried them, to my cell, they laid the matt on the floor, the other two bunks had inmates in them, i could barely walk, the one inmate helded me lay down and then my back spamed and locked twisted, i could not get up.

nine: i could not eat with my throat swolen, but forced a couple small bites down my thraot and some water, no one guard told the way things worked, so i was always asking the one room mate for help, after a sleepless night, the lower bunk was freed up and i moved too it. i had difficulty seeing out of my left eye and could not hear from my left ear, i received no further medical attention, the mocking guards would send me into the elevator were they would leave there alone for a few minutes claiming i had to go downstairs, the elevator didn't move. the door opened, "you still here?" asked one and pressed the button again and the doors closed and i would stand there again motionless until they opened the doors again and wer surprised when i said the elevator did not move. this small toment and other's was inapporpreiate, they teased me about "not contracting with a lawyer," but i did finally see a competent legal aid admission's agent and told her i feared for my life, hse was shocked at my condiction, i asked her if she could get me some compentent, but not a lawyer. she said she would help. i met later with chantal english, she was very concerned with my condition and would do what she could to help.

ten: the next day i was released and had to walk up north main to my brother's house on forrest avenue, from the remand center, my wallet and keys and other mentioned belongings were not present, even though in the video court the CROWN stipulated my wallet and belongings would be returned to me, the claimed i was ANTI-GOVERMENT to which i corrected by saying i was not, and to the judge or majistrate? i said "a fraud concealed is still a fraud." i remember the CROWN saying that i had the parent's permission to watch the children, and that i would not contract with a lawyer, to which the judge pointed out my counsel, "i am not a lawyer your honor, i am an articling student at law." i relaxed a bit and accepted the terms of my release, depiste the condition i could approached by the POLICE if it involved any investigation in this matter, which i thought was fair if they would be fair. i later asked about where my children were? i was told with my brother, which was not true: my two girls and RALEAN were taken to DISTRICT #3 and forced to make a video confession against me? my brother had arrived that night of the 9th, to get the girls and was told they were at DISTRICT #3! and apparently my daughters were hand cuffed? and it took five OFFICER'S to get RALEAN into the vehicle and called her a "##%@ and a $#@*@?" my youngest was told she had yummy tits? since this began under the CHILD WELFARE ACT OF CANADA, how did this behavior act in these children's interest's; safety and protection?

eleven: i could walk no further then my brother's house, i stayed there and my daughters were at a friends near our house, i asked them to go and check the doors, and see if they fixed the doors and changed the locks, when my daughters arived a POLICE HELECOPTER was cirlcing over my house and HOUSING SECURITY GUARDS were there, when my daughter's approached them they ran to their cars and drove off, the back door was open, and unsecured, so my daughter locked the screen doors and came to me at my brothers.

twelve: on satuday we returne and waited for housing to show up to unlock the front door, to which there in no key, i asked for his key and popped the latch on the screen door, to his surprise, so i showed him how, i briefly explained what happened and how this began with THE CHILD WELFARE ACT OF CANADA, and ended up about sovereign terrorism, he was shocked by my appearance and i asked him to tell the other securtiy what i had said and not to predjudice my family for it, he was kind and accomodating, he order the back door repaired. my whole house had been gone through, and the machety with the stone handle i made for my brother as a gift was missing, my drawers and belongins gone through and my computor was on and showed that my files had been last modified on may 9th, 2012, at 12:33 pm, which is a breech of my privacy. in the viseo court i areed to give the machetty to my brother to hold, how could when it was conficated and not mentioned in any paper work? no note left in my house that it had been seized?

thirteen: i contacted chantal english and informed her of these things upon my arival, i told her about the POLICE HELECOPTER and said that actually breech's the terms of the court, and amounts too unconsented survailance and intimadation, i asked her to have that term about cooperating with the POLICE for further cooperation, as it does act in our interest's. all these allegations of terrorism, and the lack of THE CHILD WELFARE ACT in the charges proves something else is going on, his incident was simply a vendeta for my behavior regarding an incident a few years ago in point douglas with these same OFFICER'S wherein i had come to the assistance of a native woman neighbour, who was with my daughter to go shopping, a former neighbour "JOHN MACLOUD and his brother blocked SHARON WARD BIGHETTY'S car from leaving and attacked her for no cause, my daughter was witness and never questioned by those OFFICER'S; further when the officers had appraoched SHARON BIGHETTY, they threatened her that if she did not drop the charges, they would charge her with assault! she hit them with a child's baseball bat in self defense; i corrected them by a claim of sovereignty as an inherent chief defending a lawfull woman, i ordered them to follow the treaty right of BADMEN REMOVED; which they paused and became arrogant, so i became uncooperative, simple as that, two of these OFFICERS had attended my homes in even earlier episodes where a man white van had tried to steal my daughter from fourteen sutherland ave, and then another at 148 stephens street in a white pickup trunk pandered to my other daughter, i stopped both incidents, the later incident the OFFICER made no notes and drove off indifferently, i called DISTRICT #3 and reported this odd behavior, the SARGENT said he probably sat in the car and made notes which is their practice, and i said he drove off without doing so. so that is why in this has a pattern that leads to these charges and incident.

fourteen: i do hereby order realease of all video in this matter to chantal english, all of it. i demand these falonious charges dropped and aspounged from the record, and adiquately compenstated for my suffering and the insult and battery of my children and RALEAN, for breeches to the child welfare act. my family will not be safe here again, will we? i have been LEGALLY disabled since i was six years old, i have been on PROVINCIAL DISABILITY for fifteen years no, an my C.C.P.D. stolen from me: i was serverly damaged in the car accident that wasn't an accident on july 1st, 2011, that left me with two dependent children, and a hell of a fight to recieve and assistance or services from this CITY and PROVINCE, which is why i am so distrubed when dealing with and AGENT of the CROWN, for truly there is a paper trail that proves this ongoing SYSTEMIC DYSCRIMINATION and harressment, but no one cared then; not the media and certainly not all levels of approach to correct these fundamental matters of our beneficairy interest's. my family came here as the high king of breton, or IRELAND, a thousand years ago and married into the mohawk royal families, i am the sovereign. and being born on the boundary of the oshweegan reserve grand river and the city limit of brantford places me as the sovereign to act in the interest of both original boundaries and the COPORATE BOUNDARIES imposed by hostile corporate take over of england and france, i have no criminal record and have been a lawfull man to the best of my ability; my family and all orginal people to this land are not CHATTLE NOR PRISONER'S NOR SLAVES, and whereas i have noticed this court and CLERK'S OFFICE with my lawfull stitution, which was never replied too by anything but silence from this court, i accept your silence as consent, i accept your oaths and bonds as the king surety. your respect and action's in our interest's will protect your own interest's. thank you for your time attention to these pressing matter's of torture and misprisions of treason and breech of fiducairy trust, her majesty failed to renegotiate face to face for the treaty renewal over fifteen years ago with the original people of this land; it is time for a change in corporate behaviors regarding our people. thank you for your time and attention in these matter's pressing.

most high scott phillip hayes.

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eyes of fire


Posts: 553

#23 [url]

May 10 13 10:03 AM

i know YOUR HARVESTING my site to use my words against me in COURT.


word has reached me that YOU use peoples information on their webpages as fodder against those YOU dupe into YOUR fantasy; that YOU actually believe is real that i and now many others can tear apart, YOUR HUMAN FARMING SCHEME has been revealed, and since your bullshit LAWS:POLICY have never been truly tested in the light reality, i throw this challenge to YOU: debate me or remove YOUR bullshit livery enterprise. YOUR silence as consent has already been accepted for the value of surrender, since YOU won't do that: the pull down YOUR FOUR PILLARS and FIFTH COLUMN and get out here before all this catches up to YOU: you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt YOU are not only incompetent in boundaries, incompetent to english common law, incompetent in management of what YOU stole; and incompetent in fiscal responsiblity, and incompetent in the application of your PRIVATE LAW SOCIETY over YOUR OWN: leave now, or suffer the slings and arrows of YOUR own making. this is notice and demand.

most high scott phillip hayes, YOUR silence made it so. thanks!

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eyes of fire


Posts: 553

#24 [url]

May 20 13 8:51 PM

then you better look at this before you act against me

The Jews and Masonry in the United States Before 1810
The Jewish role in the formation and leadership of Scottish Rite Masonry
-- by: Samuel Oppenheim, 1910-02, source: American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol 19

MHP hypertext version for non-profit educational use only
Moses M. Hays and the formation of Scottish Rite Masonry >> Follow links for timelines and related articles
Moses M. Hays (1739-1805)

The leading figure among the Jews in connection with early Masonry in the United States was  Moses Michael Hays , a member of the well-known Hays family, of which a connected account is given in The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, p. 270. [2a] His name is sometimes spelled "Hayes" in the early Masonic records. An interesting article on his Masonic activity is to be found in the New England Freemason for 1875, written by Sereno D. Nickerson, who also wrote on the same subject in The New Era for October, 1902. Nickerson says that Hays was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1739, though in various other Masonic accounts, and in documents, Hays is spoken of as a native of London, and even of New York. No attempt will be made here to repeat the details given in the two articles referred to.

Hays was prominently identified with the introduction into the United States of what is called in Masonry the "Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite," which now comprises, according to Albert G. Mackey's "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry", p. 667, 33 degrees, divided into the following sections:

  • Symbolic Lodge, 1st to 3d degrees;
  • Lodge of Perfection, or, as it was called in its early history, Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection, 4th to 14th degrees;
  • Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 15th and 16th degrees;
  • Chapter of Rose-Croix, 17th and 18th degrees;
  • Council of Kadosh, 19th to 30th degrees;
  • Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret, 31st and 32d degrees;
  • and Supreme Council, 33d degree.

Previous to 1801 the number of degrees was less, but they covered the various sections named, except the Supreme Council. A degree is the equivalent, in ordinary language, of grade or rank. These names will be occasionally met with in this paper, and are here given as explanatory.

During  Hays ' life his authority was recognized, but after his death considerable criticism, due apparently to his Jewish origin and to his designation of Jews in whom he had confidence for some of the higher offices, was made in anti-Masonic circles and by some discontented Masons and rival Masonic bodies, with reference to the steps taken by him and those acting under his authority for the furtherance of the interests of the Order. Into the merits of that controversy this is not the proper place to enter. His proceedings are now accepted by the Masonic fraternity as part of their approved history, and title is traced through him and his appointees, for the Scottish Rite in America.

Nickerson speaks of him as "the only Hebrew who ever held prominent office in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts." In recognition of the powers conferred upon him he was elected Grand Master of that Grand Lodge at the annual elections from 1788 to 1792, having become a member of the subordinate Massachusetts Lodge in 1783, in which year he was elected its Master, and re-elected for the two succeeding years. [3] Paul Revere, the Revolutionary patriot, was Deputy Grand Master under him. [4] Before becoming Grand Master, Hays had been Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge in 1785. Previous to that time he had been Master of King David's Lodge in Newport from 1780 to 1782. [5] Prior to 1780 he had been Master of that [same] lodge in New York where it had been originally organized under a warrant issued to him by George Harrison, Provincial Grand Master of New York, February 23, 1769. [6]

His connection with Masonry probably commenced about 1768 when he was appointed Deputy Inspector General of Masonry for North America by Henry Andrew Francken, who had been commissioned by Stephen Morin, of Paris, acting under the authority of Frederick II of Prussia, the Grand Master of Masons of Europe and holding jurisdiction over America. The appointment was made with the view of establishing the Scottish Rite in America, and power was given to Hays to appoint others with like powers. Under this authority he appointed several Deputy Inspectors General of Masonry for various States, of whom mention will be made in treating of those States. [7] Why such extraordinary powers were granted to Hays, a Jew, is a question remaining to be answered. (see note [E1])

 Hays  is reported as having been in Philadelphia, New York, Newport, and Boston in furtherance of the mission entrusted to him, settling finally in Boston, in 1783, although one writer speaks of him as residing in Boston in 1767. When the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction was organized in 1801, at Charleston, S. C, as a transformation of the former Rite of Perfection or Ancient Accepted Rite which had been established in Charleston in 1783, through his appointee, Isaac DaCosta, Hays was on its rolls as an honorary member of the Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection, [8] and holder of the thirty-second degree. His personal activity in connection with the Rite seems to have ceased after he became Grand Master in Massachusetts.

He died in Boston, May 9, 1805, and his remains were taken to Newport and buried in the Jewish cemetery there. An elegiac sonnet on his death was written by Robert Treat Paine, Jr., son of Robert Treat Paine, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. [9]

 Hays  is described in a recent Masonic work published in Massachusetts [10] as follows:

"Worshipful Brother Hays was truly "an Israelite in whom there was no guile," a man of broad and liberal culture, astute in business, sociable and friendly with all, of open-hearted and openhanded charity which his well-filled purse allowed him to extend to all who required fraternal aid, whether among Masons or otherwise. Such aid he extended in a truly Masonic spirit and in no intrusive manner."

Nickerson, in The New Era, says that Hays' son and all his grandsons and great-grandsons were Masons. Hays left one son and five daughters. [11]

Hays' son Judah is the only other Jew listed as a member of Massachusetts Lodge, of Boston, before 1810. He was initiated in 1788, and became a member in 1790. [12] He was a resident of Boston in 1805 when his father died. The issue of the Columbian Centinel of that city, for May 11, 1805, which contains a tribute on the death of  Moses M. Hays , quoted by Nickerson in articles already referred to, includes an item of the election of Judah Hays as a "fireward" in Boston, in place of another official who had resigned.

Abraham Jacobs was, according to his certificate, " initiated into the second degree of Masonry" on July 22, 1782, in St. Andrew's Lodge, of Boston. [13] He will be met with later. His original certificate of membership is in the possession of the Grand Lodge of New York, and will be referred to in treating of New York. It reads:

And the Darkness Comprehended it Not.

In the East, a Place of Light where Reigns Silence and Peace.

We, the Master, Wardens and Secretary of St. Andrew's Lodge, held in the Town of Boston and State of Massachusetts, do Certify, that the Bearer hereof, our Worthy Brother Abraham Jacobs has been Regularly Initiated into the Second Degree of Masonry. As such he has been Received by us, and being a True and Faithful Brother is hereby Recommended to the Favor and Protection of all Free and Accepted Masons Wheresoever Dispersed.

In Witness Whereof, We have caused the Seal of our said Lodge to be hereunto affixed this twenty-second day of July, 1782, and of Masonry 5782.

Paul Revere, Master.
Robert McElroy, Senior Warden.
N. Willis, Junior Warden.
Ben Coolidge, Secretary.


We have caused the Bearer to affix his name on the opposite column.

Abraham Jacobs.

(page top)


2a. He was an uncle of Jiuiah Touro, the celebrated JewishAmerican philanthropist. See Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No. 13, p. 95, where Max J. Kohler gives an interesting reference to his life and character. See also Id., No. 12, pp. 104-110, for further mention of him and pp. 108-109 for an extract from Life of Samuel J. May, pp. 13, 14, giving a vivid picture of Hays' beautiful home life, and showing the respect and esteem in which he was held in Boston.

3. History of Massachusetts Lodge, Boston, 1871.

4. Mass. Grand Lodge Proc. for 187S, List of Officers.

5. Henry W. Rugg, "History of Freemasonry in Rhode Island", Providence, 1895, and letter to the writer from Mr. S. Penrose Williams, Grand Secretary of the Rhode Island Grand Lodge. The fact that Hays was Master of King David's Lodge in 1781 and 1782 does not appear in Rugg's book.

6. Rugg, supra, pp. 44, 48.

7. A copy of the patent from Francken, dated December 6, 1768, was printed in the AntirMasonic Review, Vol. II, p. 343. In it Hays is described as "of the Jewish Nation, native, inhabitant and merchant of the City of New York." This patent is also printed in publications relating to the Scottish Rite.

8. Albert G. Mackey and William R. Singleton, "History of Freemasonry", New York, 1898, Vol. VII, p. 1846.

9. Robert Treat Paine, Jr., "Collected Works in Terse and Prose", Boston, 1812, p. 292. See, too, Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, Nos. 11 and 12.

10. Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Massachusetts Lodge, 1770-1895, Boston, 1896.

11. The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, p. 270.

12. History of Massachusetts Lodge, Boston, 1871.

13. Robert Folger, "The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite", 2d edition, New York, 1881, Document No. 15, first page.

Editor's notes:

E1. The "National Heritage Museum" of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite has an original copy of the 1768 patent granted by Henry Francken to Moses M. Hays

(page top)

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eyes of fire


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May 21 13 10:31 AM

to the masters: a courtesy notice.

though i am not indoctrinated into your craft, and was turned down by a council of "jews" at six years old, does not make me beholding to anything my ancestor's may have formed with you; thus i am not obligated nor subject to your law, craft, policy, or procedures at anytime on this land of turtle island: you had an opportunity to induce me and learn me; even protect me and mine: but you did not: thereby any claim made against me as a first world citizen who knows who he is and where he is and who really owns the land, law and resources: i expect reparations for the gangstalking and attacks on myself and colluded with agents and nearly murdered me several times and you have harmed my family. you had a chance to correct your errors, instead you deceived me as to your authority; you sent agents to distract me from saving my people, and even sent agents from among my people to decieve me. i am not a slave, i am not your possession, i am not your servant, nor your employee: i asked the lord of light with all my love: to correct your errors and remove you should you fail my lords test.  most high scott phillip hayes.

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eyes of fire


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May 23 13 11:23 AM

Government Tricks:

This is perhaps the most important page on this web-site.

First Trick:

The first 'trick' of the Government is the re-definition of certain critical words in each Statute (Act). They (the Government) want you to presume the ordinary meaning of the word so as to trick you into reading and interpreting the Statute in their favour. Here is a summary of some of the Trick Words. Two key words that are re-defined in almost every Statute are the words "person" and "individual". There are at least two "person" in law:
A natural-person is a legal entity for the human-being.
An artificial-person is a legal entity that is not a human being.
Here are the exact definitions from Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary, fourth edition (ISBN 0-7641-0616-3):
  • natural person. A natural person is a human being that has the capacity for rights and duties.
  • artificial person. A legal entity, not a human being, recognized as a person in law to whom certain legal rights and duties may attached - e.g. a body corporate.
You will observe that the natural-person has the "capacity" (i.e. ability) for rights and duties, but not necessarily the obligation. The artificial-person has rights and duties that may be attached (i.e. assigned) by laws.

Second Trick:

The second 'trick' of the Government is to use the Interpretation Act to define words that apply to all Statutes, unless re-defined within a particular Statute. Without this knowledge, you could presume the ordinary meaning for the words you are reading, not realizing that they may have been defined by the Interpretation Act. Unless these words have been re-defined in another Statute, the underlying definitions for the two most important words still apply, either from the Interpretation Act, or the Canadian Law Dictionary. Basically, they are defined as follows:
from the Canadian Law Dictionary we find that:
individual means a natural person,
from the Income Tax Act we find the re-definition:
individual means an artificial person.

from the Canadian Law Dictionary we find that:
person means an individual (natural person) or incorporated group (artificial person),
from the Interpretation Act we find the re-definition:
person means a corporation (an artificial- person),
from the Income Tax Act we find the re-definition again:
person means an artificial person (amongst other things).
In the Canadian Human Rights Act you will see how individual and person are used and how they apply to natural and artificial persons.

Third Trick:

The third 'trick' of the Government is to use both the word "means" and the word "includes" in the definition (interpretation) section of the act. They do this in some critical definitions that they want you to misinterpret. It is important to understand the difference between "means" and "includes" when used in definitions. Previously we believed that "means" and "includes" were interchangeable, however after much study of many statutes, we now have a revised belief, as contained herein.

Here is the interpretation of "means" within statutes:
Basic Form: subject means objects;

1. means implies a substitution of words.
2. means creates a new definition for the subject.
3. the subject does not need to be pre-defined.
4. the objects need to be pre-defined.
5. any pre-existing definition of the subject is replaced by the objects.
Example from the Bank Act:
"person" means a natural person, an entity or a personal representative;
Interpretation of the above Example from the Bank Act:
Any pre-existing definition for "person" is substituted with the given objects, so when person is stated in the Bank Act, any or all of the objects are used in place of the word person.
Here is the interpretation of "includes" within statutes:
Basic Form: subject includes players;

1. includes implies a one-way attachment of the players to the subject.
2. includes does not create a new definition for the subject.
3. the subject needs to be pre-defined.
4. the players need to be pre-defined.
5. any pre-existing definition of subject is still effective.
6. any player can play the role of, or act as a replacement for, the subject.
7. a subject may not play the role of, or act as a replacement for, any player.
8. includes implies attachment for role-playing - the players may play the subject's role in the Act but not vice versa.
Example from the Income Tax Act:
"employee" includes officer;
"corporation" includes an incorporated company;
"insurance policy" includes a life insurance policy;
"taxpayer" includes any person whether or not liable to pay tax;
"person", or any word or expression descriptive of a person, includes any corporation, and any entity exempt, because of subsection 149(1), from tax under Part I on all or part of the entity's taxable income and the heirs, executors, liquidators of a succession, administrators or other legal representatives of such a person, according to the law of that part of Canada to which the context extends;
Interpretation of the above Examples from the Income Tax Act:
An officer may play the role of an employee, but not vice versa. For example, any employee (pre-defined - may be a waitress) may not play the role of a Judicial Office (an officer). Within the Income Tax Act, both employee and officer are pre-defined by the use of the verb means.

An incorporated company may act as a corporation but not vice versa. For example, any corporation (pre-defined - may be unincorporated) may not act as an incorporated company.

A life insurance policy may play the role of an insurance policy but not vice versa. For example, any insurance policy (pre-defined - may be house insurance policy) may not play the role of a life insurance policy.

A person (including a natural person) may act in the capacity of a taxpayer but not vice versa. For example, any taxpayer (pre-defined - may be a corporation) may not act in the capacity of any person (especially a natural person).

A corporation (including an incorporated company) may act as a person, but not vice versa. For example, any person (e.g. an individual, or a natural person) may not act as a corporation.
Here is the interpretation of "means and includes" within statutes:
Basic Form: subject means objects, and includes players;

1. means creates a new definition for the subject from the objects.
2. the subject does not need to be pre-defined.
3. the objects need to be pre-defined.
4. the players need to be pre-defined.
5. any pre-existing definition of the subject is replaced by the objects.
6. and includes implies a one-way attachment of the players to the new subject.
7. any player can play the role of, or act as a replacement for, the new subject.
8. a new subject may not play the role of, or act as a replacement for, any player.
9. means and includes implies a new subject definition with an attachment for role-playing - the players may play the new subject's role in the Act but not vice versa.
Example from the Interpretation Act:
"province" means a province of Canada, and includes the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut;
Interpretation of the above Example from the Interpretation Act:
Any pre-existing definition for "province" is substituted with "a province of Canada", and any of the players (Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut) may play the role of a province, but not vice versa. For example, any province may not play the role of Nunavut.
The use of the word includes is key to understanding your potential loss of natural-person. This is the major trick used by the Government in an attempt to take away your natural-person rights. Unless you know this, you will voluntarily forfeit your rights. Now that includes is no longer believed to be restrictive, you have to look eslewhere in the statutes to find out where your rights, as a natural person, are preserved. Your rights will be upheld somewhere, you just have to find out where.

Fourth Trick:

The fourth 'trick' is directly attributable to a defect in the English language in respect of the verb 'to be'. In the English language there are many different meanings of the verb 'to be' and the reader/listener may misinterpret the intended (or 'trick') meaning and thereby draw the wrong conclusion from its use.

The two different and distinct meanings of the verb 'to be' which concern us are: the one meaning which relates to the essence of the subject (such as the table is made of wood; he is strong) and the other meaning which relates to a temporary location or position (such as the table is over there; he is a swimmer).

To be succinct, the two relevant meanings of interest, in this 'trick', may be summarized by the following simple definition:
to be, means 'to have the essence of, to exist or live' (in the sense of essence), or 'to occupy a place or position' (in the sense of location or position).
By the way, the noun 'essence' requires the helper verb 'to have'. Be careful with 'exist' because an artificial person can 'exist' on a piece of paper somewhere in a file, but an artifical person cannot exist as 'living'.

Now to utilize the Fourth Trick associated with 'to be', a judge may make a ruling as follows:
"a natural person is a taxpayer", or "a natural person is a driver"
which immediately translates into the valid conclusion, with regard to occupying a position (because someone has to do the paperwork), that:
"a natural person occupies the position of a taxpayer"
However, a judge cannot make a ruling that:
'a natural person has the essence of a taxpayer'
'a natural person lives as a taxpayer'

because human rights are immediately violated and slavery woud be condoned by the judge.

The conclusion, in respect of the Fourth Trick, is to be careful when reading the word "is" and check for 'essence' or 'location'. What you think you read may not be in fact what you really read.

You can very quickly get clarification by asking: "When you say is, do you mean occupies a position, or do you mean has the essence of (lives as)?" With this question you will immediately expose any 'trick' which is being utilized.

Spanish is one of the few languages which has maintained a distinction by having two separate verbs; the verb 'ser', derived from the Latin 'esse' (English 'essence'), is used 'to have essence'; and the verb 'estar', derived from the Latin 'stare' (English 'state'), is used for a 'temporary location or position'.

Fifth Trick:

The fifth 'trick' is the use of the word 'you' to create joinder between the one who speaks, and the artificial-person. See the PDF document Who Is You? for additional insight.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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