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now add this to the mix and pay attention to the parts of the skygods...high king arthur?

King Arthur and the Comet

In 2000 an article in the "Times" by Nick Nuttall reported on a comet bombarding the earth in the 6th century which caused the so-called Dark Ages. He writes:"...The story of the death of King Arthur and its references to a wasteland may have been inspired by the apocalyptic effects of a giant comet bombarding the Earth in AD540, leading to the Dark Ages, a British scientist said yesterday.

The impacts filled the atmosphere with dust and debris; a long winter began. Crops failed, and there was famine, Dr Mike Baillie of Queen's University, Belfast, told the British Association for the Advancement of Science. There was now overwhelming evidence from studies of tree rings of a catastrophic climate change at that time, he said.

Dr Baillie, who is based at the university's school of archaeology and palaeoecology, said studies of Irish oaks showed that the climate suddenly became inhospitable around AD540. Other researchers had discovered the same narrow rings on trees in places such as Germany, Scandinavia, Siberia, North America and China. "For all these trees to show the same rings at the same time means it must have been a profoundly unpleasant event, a catastrophic environmental downturn, in AD540, which is in or at the beginning of the Dark Ages."

The tightly bound rings are consistent with fierce frosts that would have devastated agriculture and made a malnourished population more vulnerable to the plague of 542, which killed millions. Plague-carrying rats and pests would have been looking for sustenance, thus hastening the spread of the disease.

Dr Baillie said that there were several theories as to the explanation. One was that a vast volcano had erupted and pumped huge amounts of dust into the atmosphere. Yet such a volcano "would have been out of all proportion to ones we see in recent times", he said, adding that the geological records bore no trace of it.

The other theory, he said,was that huge fragments from a giant comet had hit the Earth, causing violent explosions and a dramatic cooling of the planet. "My view is that we had a cometary bombardment - not a full-blown comet, or we would not be here, but parts of a comet."

Dr Baillie said the hypothesis was supported by studies by astronomers and astrophysicists including Mark Bailey, of the Armagh Observatory, Victor Clube, of Oxford University, and Bill Napier, formerly of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. They had calculated that there was a strong likelihood that the Earth suffered a cometary bombardment between 400 and 600, based on records of high meteor shower activity. They had linked it with the break-up of the comet Biela.

It was hoped that scientists in Greenland would analyse ice cores for signs of cometary dust. They were soon to carry out chemical analysis for tree rings for similar clues.

Dr Baillie urged historians to examine the records for writings that may record the events. "You can read about the Justinian plague in conventional history books but you cannot read about the cometary bombardment. The trees single out an episode which can be best described as catastrophic, and it isn't there in written history."

There was, however, some support buried in mythological writings and other works. Roger of Wendover had referred in 540 or 541 to a "comet in Gaul so vast that the whole sky seemed on fire. In the same year there dropped real blood from the clouds . . . and a dreadful mortality ensued".

Dr Baillie also cited the death of King Arthur, which is dated to 537, 539 and 542 in various works, as establishing possible links with fire from the sky and destruction. Dr Baillie said that Arthur was linked in old Irish with CuChulainn, the sky god, who in turn was linked with the Celtic bright sky god Lugh variously described as "bright as the setting sun, comes up in the west, and of the mighty blows".

"The Arthurian stories with their Celtic antecedents of bright sky gods and 'wasteland' come with traditional dates for Arthur's death."

Dr Baillie said that the myths hinted strongly at a bombardment as the causes of an environmental downturn."

The scientists link the death of Arthur in about 539 with this bombardment and the creating of wastelands in the British Isles and America. Reading the ancient legends one soon realises that they claim that King Arthur ruled an immense British Empire as a High King or Emperor whom Nennius calls the Guletic (from the Jewish Rosh Galuta). This empire included the Americas. Arthur dies (or is wounded) in a battle with his son Amr (Amorai/ Amwlad/ Morgan)who became known as Mordred in the Arthurian tales and legends.

High-King Arthur (Arthur Mor) belonged to the Davidic House and was the son of Huna Mar (called Chunan Meriadoc in Brittany/ Mar Ahunai in Babylon/ Cunomor or Mark in Cornwall/ Mar in the Pennines). This Jewish Catholic Royal Davidic Dynasty was descended from Joseph of Arimathea and the Babylonian Exilarchs. Huna Mar's father was the British High King Theodoric (Tudwal) who was known as Nathan Todros as the Jewish Catholic Exilarch or Judiarch of the Gewisse (Jews)of Cornwall and Somerset. When Huna Mar was a boy he was sent by his father to the great Jewish Catholic Academy in Persia(Sarras) at Takhte Sulieman -the Throne of Solomon- in the Zagos Mountains.

When Mar Zutra II the Babylonian Exilarch rose up against his Persian masters and established an autonomous Jewish Kingdom based on the city of Mahoza around 495- 500 AD Huna Mar allied himself with Mar Zutra and married Mar Zutra's daughter Abiane. After their marriage Huna visited his father in Britain and Arthur (Mar Dov) was born at Tintagel in Cornwall in his grandfather's fortress. His grandfather later retired as High-King and settled in the woods near Tintagel to focus on Eucharistic Adoration (a Grail chapel)and was known as St Nectan.

Arthur's brothers were Kafnai, Gideon and Solomon. Kafnai was also known as Custennin or Constantine in Britain. Gideon was known as Gadeon, Gradlon and Gabhran. Huna Mar and Abiane and their children returned to the East to assist Mar Zutra in the defence of the Jewish kingdom of Mahoza (somehwere between 502-508). The Persians defeated the Jewish forces and executed him on the Mahoza bridge. Huna and his family returned to Takhte Suleiman where he left his children and wife while he returned to Britain to become High King of Britian and Brittany.

Arthur left Takhte Suleiman around 515 and after he became High King he sent for his brothers who he made under-king's of Cornwall and Brittany. When Arthur was killed (or wounded) in 539 his brother Kafnai as Constanine King of Cornwall became High King during a time of disasters and plagues caused by the comet. Around 550 Constantine abdicated and moved to Babylon with his son Tristam (Drust) and Arthur's young grandson Ithiel Hayyim and as the Exilarch Kafnai he reestablished the Babylonian Exilarchy. When the Persian King began a policy of exterminating the seed of David, Ithiel and some of the Davidic family fled via Takhte Suleiman and Armenia to the Frankish Empire. Galahad (son of Lancelot) had become the Jewish Catholic Exilarch (rosh galuta)of Takhte Suleiman (Sarras) after the death of Arthur. His son Omer (Aumer/ Amr)ha Ari fled with his relatives taking the Holy Grail Platter with him to Frankish Germany.

Ithiel and his son Adal (Adoi/ Adalric/ Athelric) became the leaders of a German Saxon tribe and went with them to Bernicia in Britian. Ithiel is remembered in the history of Bernicia as King Ida and his son Adal as King Athelric. Through the intermarriage of these families descended from Arthur and Lancelot was to come the Jewish Catholic dynasty of the Carolingian kings. Lancelot after 539 was known as St Brychan or Brychan the Patriarch.

Arthur's brother Gideon was the King of Brittany and later known as Gabhran king of Dal Riata. Gabhran married Luan or Lluan the daughter of Lancelot of Brychan (St Brychan) and Igenach (Elaine of Scots/ Ascolat). Gabhran was to become the High King after 550 when his brother Constantine (Kafnai) abdicated and became the Jewish Exilarch in Babylon. It would seem that Constantine had been reared as an unbaptised Jew by his Jewish mother Abiane. Arthur's son Amr had also been raised in the East by his grandmother as an unbaptised Jew as were his sons and grandsons. It was through intermarriage with the family of Lancelot that the Jewish Catholic traditions were retained in the Exilarchic families.

Gabhran's son Aedan (Aed/ Ad)was the father of Arthur of Dal Riata who was made the underking of Gwent under the overlordship of his father Aedan. This second king Arthur was a great grandson of the first King Arthur. Arthur of Dal Riata and Gwent's mother Igraine was a daughter of Amr (Amwlad) the son of the High King Arthur. Some sources state that Amwlad is a descendant of Cadfan who is also called Gideon. This of course refers to Gabhran (Gideon) who is the uncle and possible foster father of Amwlad (Amr/Amhar).

High-King Arthur's grandson Gideon of Rhoda in Calalus (Cadrod Calchfynydd) was the Ruler or King of the Arthurian Empire in America. Cadrod was married to Gurgon Goddheu a daughter of Gabhran and Lluan and thus a granddaughter of Lancelot (Brychan). Scholars are puzzled by the identity of Calchfynydd which mean chalk mountains or Limestone Hills. They can not place such a kingdom in Wales or Britain though some suggest Lowland Scotland or Powys as possiblities. David Nash Ford writes: "Cadrod's kingdom of Calchfynedd is one of the most mysterious of Early British Kingdoms. The name, literally, means "Chalk-Mountains" or, more generally, "Limestone Hills". W.F. Skene argued, not unconvincingly, that this referred to the Kelso area of Southern Scotland. Yet ancient Welsh poetry clearly indicates that it was south of Powys...". However the hills south of Tucson Arizona are Limestone Hills. The Tucson artifacts of Rhoda and Calalus were also found buried under limestone caliche. As the counts of Toulouse the two Guillame de Gellone's where also associated with the name Torson (Chorso) or Tolosan and Tucson in Arizona was originally named in honour of these counts of Toulouse.

It is also interesting that the Welsh genealogies also mention a Cadrod who is the son of Guriad who I identify with Israel I Guriad King of Calalus (son of Theodoric II Nehemiah King of Septimania and the Theodorus of the Calalus artifacts). King Cadrod of Calchfynydd (Calalus) returned to Britian with forces from America to lead the Britons against Cuthwulf the King of Wessex in the battle of Bedford in 571. It would seem that the older names for America was the Isles of Barzel (Brasil) and Atala and later Rhoda, Manau or Mananaan, Amrica, Calalus and Calchfynydd.

Amr comes from the title Amir or Mar and Amr's Hebrew name was Noach (Noah)which became Nowy in Welsh. He is also called Nowy Hen (Noah the Graceful). Mar Noah's daughter the Lady Sanan married her cousin Guilog the son of Beli or Cunobelin King of Calalus. Amr Noah may have been the first Arthurian Ruler of America and the name America may have been named for him. Amr or Amir meaning Ruler or Prince of the Davidic House and the Frankish Ric also meaning Ruler. It was a play on his Babylonian name of Mar Amorai. He was an ancestor of the later Machir King of Septimania whose Babylonian name was also Amorai. The American Indians also used the name Amerika which meant in their language a Mountain Wilderness. Calalus may come from the latinisation of the Hebrew word chalal which means void or wilderness. The Welsh name for Calalus is Calchfydydd or Calchmynydd meaning the lime mountains. The Welsh word for lime (Calch) may have originated from Calalus-the Lime(stone) Land. The name Calalus or Chalal (void or empty/wastelands) may have been used after the cataclysmic events of the comet in 539-40 AD. Kelso (Calchheu) in Scotland seems to be named after Calalus.

The descendants of Cadrod ruled Calalus until the time of Elidyr of Mananaan (America) who was the son of the last Arthurian king of Calalus descended from Llywarch Calchfynydd the son of Cadrod. One area of Mananaan or Manau settlement may have been in the area of Georgia and Alabama in the American Arthurian Empire. On the Calalusian retreat from Rhoda (which had been overrun by Natives) they stopped or settled for a time in this area where Elidyr was born. Theodoric II Nehemiah of Septimania married Urenkelin (Kelinion/ Celenion) of the Radbads (Jewish Rhodans of the Rhone Valley)whose father Enkel was Jewish Ruler of the Rhodans of the Rhone Valley.

Enkel of the Radbads was a grandson of Elidyr of Rhodan Mananaan. Elidyr the Rhodan was also known as Radbad I of Frisia. Eadgils is mention as the father of Radbad but this may just be another name for Radbad (Elidyr/Eadgils)or it may have been a name for his father Sannde. It would seem that this Jewish dynasty had embraced paganism at some stage due to an intermarriage with a Princess descended from the pagan King Eadgils of Sweden. The Rhodans that left America with Sannde and Elidyr settled in Frisia and became known as the Frisians in the latter half of the 7th century. They were known for their long blonde hair and were also associated with some as the Fairies or Fay (descendants of Morgan Le Fay) who are also described as having long blonde hair. These fairies were known to be taller than ordinary humans (Europeans) rather than smaller as fairies are thought of in recent centuries.

The Land of the Fairies was known as the Hidden Kingdom as its location was considered a great secret to both the Romans and the later High Kings of Britain due to its wealth in metals. It would seem that these Blonde-haired natives of America (R1b-U106) represent a different group to the Red haired or bearded Americans of Calalus (R1b-U152). The tall blonde haired pagan natives of America may have been settled in America in the time of King Arthur as part of a Scandinavian contingent. Geoffrey of Monmouth relates that Scandinavia was part of the Arthurian British Empire. It would seem that this tribe was firstly in Germany near the Angles in the 5th century and were known as the Myrging and were ruled over by Eadgils (Athils). This tribe seems to have moved North to Sweden after being defeated by the Angles. From there they moved into America a second time. It is of course possible that they may have been part of the Scandinavian attack on Britain after the collapse of the Arthurian Empire. It would seem in this scenario that the Rhodans defeated the Myrgings in America and they accepted the overlordship of Cadrod (Elidyr)the Jewish Arthurian Davidic King of Rhoda. It would seem that Cadrod married his son Llywarch Hen Calchfynydd to Fay the daughter of Eadgils (Athils) of Sweden a leader of the Myrgings. It would seem that before they were in Germany they may have come to Germany via Ireland and America and have originally been called the Tuatha De Danaan or fairyfolk. In the mid 3rd Century Prince Mananaan the son of the Scottish Rosh Galuta King Rafael V Loir (Lear/Lir) mediated between the Milesian Irish and the Tuatha de Danaan in the far Western Lands of America.

The Tuatha de Danaan had a strong Matriarchal society descended from the priestesses of Dinah (Dana/ Diana)who were linked with the Formonians who were the Israelite -Egyptian descendants of Joseph who had escaped Egypt with the last King descended from Manesseh -Mentuhotep IV. They seem to have settled in Central America. Recent archeological discoveries in Peru have revealed that a tall blonde headed people ruled in the Andes before being conquerored by the Incas in 1475. They were called the Cloud People (or Warriors of the Cloud) or the Chachapoyas. They are dated back to the 9th century and may have been a Colony of the Jewish Kingdom of Calalus. That the language of this region is called Aymara would seem to confirm the link with Rhodan Calalus. It would seem that the tall white long haired Warriors came from the legendary Atullia (Antillia/ Atala) which had 7 famous cities which were known to the Spanish as Cibola.

The name of Atala later developed into Eadgils and Atala became a the title for King. This is the origin of the Anglo-Saxon Athel or Ethel. The Angles took this title from their inter-reaction with the Myrgings tribe. In third century Ireland was the King of the Tuatha de Danaan called Ethal Anubal. Anu was also a name for Mexico and bal comes from Baal. His name meaning King Master of Mexico. There may have been major geological changes in Mexico's recent past and the famous Antillia Isle may have been Mexico in which the Northern and Southern limits had water channels wide enough for ships to sail round. The Northern channel may have been where today there are two separate rivers -the Colarado and the Rio Grande. The southern limit would be where Panama is today. Geologist tell us of a sea way between North and South America where Panama is today except they date it according to an evolutionary scheme as three million years ago whereas I would date it to about a 900-1000 years ago.

The Portuguese legend of Antillia was a memory of the expedition of Theodoric II Nehemiah's son Isaac Kalonymus (St William)and his two Jewish Catholic brothers (who were Bishops) in 800 AD to Calalus and the conversion of the colony to a form of Jewish Catholicism. The legend that seven Bishops of Porto Cale led an expedition to Antilla became confused with the Frankish Jewish Christian Bishops under St William of Gellone going to Calalus with 700 Jewish soldiers. The name of Portugal derives from the name of Porto Cale which is why Antillia was also called the other Portugal. It is possible that Porto Cale was indeed named after Calalus by the Romans as it was the Port from which the Jewish Swan ships of Solomon departed for Calalus. It would seem that Calais in France was also named by the Romans as Caletum as another Port that was involved in the trade with Calalus which the Radhanites (Rhodans)used.

Part of the ruins of the Chachpoyas super fortress in Kuelap

One website on the Chachapoyas super fortress of Kuelap in Peru states: "...Inca chronicles and legends persist that the Cloud People were tall fair (skin and hair) warriors. This is reinforced by an unusually large proportion of blond, fair natives in this zone who know of no European ancestry. However Julio C. Tello and anthropologists speculate the Chachapoyans may have been a jungle culture that migrated there through the Magdalena Valley of Columbia, and preferred the mountaintops. Whatever case, the Cloud People don’t fit the pattern of other Andeans. They lived behind walls in well crafted stone round houses with a pointed thatch “tepee” roof. One would suspect they farmed better land below the cloud forest, which wasn’t leached out and eroded, but lived on the peaks..."

Another article describes the circular design and the round houses. The Grail Castle at Takhte Suleiman in Persia was also of a round design and it was a common Eucharistic (the round white host) design of the Grail or Manna chapels of Eucharstic Adoration in Ireland and Britain. The zigzag pattern was a common Jewish design and represented the mysteries of the underground labyrinth under the Jewish Temple. One article states ; "...Kuelap lies 9,843 feet above sea level (3,000 masl), 3 miles (5 km) from the town of Tingo, and one hour by land from Chachapoyas. The climb is a 3 or 4-hour hike, or it can be done on horseback. The structure of the main building is circular and for security purposes has only one access corridor, sufficiently narrow to allow only one person at a time to enter. Inside there are several divisions, hundreds of round stone houses decorated with zigzag patterns, small up to 1,969 feet (600 m)long and 66 feet (20m) high. Towers indicate how well protected the compound was. It comprised more than 400 buildings, many of them with decorated walls and cornices or protruding friezes....". These roundhouses look very similar to the Gaelic roundhouses of Ireland and Britain. The Teepee design of the roof suggests that the Chachapoyas came from North America. They may have moved due to their defeat by Theodoric and his Warriors in 775 AD from the Limestone Mountain Kingdom of Rhoda in Arizona to the Andes. One group became subject to the overlordship of the new Jewish rulers of Calalus and Rhoda, while another large group fled South. David Mandich writes of these stone round houses in the Lost canyons of North Western Mexico. "... Mexico's Copper Canyon could be...Located in northwestern Mexico comprising over 125,000 square miles of lost canyons, lost mines, lost Indian tribes and a lost Cathedral, its sheer size and complexity defies description...Lost in the canyons, are archaeological ruins of civilizations that experts still disagree as to who they were and what happened to them. Ancient Indian cultures built cities beneath inaccessible cliffs, others round houses of stone..."
Round Houses of the Chachapoyas

Martin C Winer writes: "...Finally we have the Calalus settlement. In 1924 a collection of lead tablets was found near Tucson Arizona. “The crude plates told of a band of Hebrew refugees who fled Charlemagne’s Frankish Christian Regime and sailed across the Atlantic to a land known as Calalus. Found together with these plates were “ceremonial standards engraved with menorah and Hebrew tags like shalom, qaddash, elohim, goi gadol.” Calalus was founded in 775 C.E. when the colony’s first leader Theodore wrested the capital Rhoda from the native ‘Toltec’. A recent discovery off the coast of Haifa gives a possible vessel for the transatlantic crossing. Dr. Elisha Linder discovered the wreck of an ocean worthy craft and reports that a “flotilla of such merchantmen [(ships)] would have been available to Theodore and his colonists setting forth from Rome in 775.” Calalus went on to record a long and tumultuous history of wars, near defeats, and eventual total defeat around 900 CE. During its history there were many interactions between Calalus and Narbonne, a Carolingnian state (modern day France) where Jews enjoyed self-governance. It was in Narbonne that the Kabala was created from its well respected Yeshiva..." Numerous Roman coins have been found in the Americas and those found in Texas at an American Indian site called Round Rock have been dated to about 800 AD at the very time of the later Calalus settlement by the Jews from Septimania. (For information about the reconquest of Calalus by Theodore see "Calalus: A Jewish Catholic State in Medieval America")

It is interesting to note that in the area of Tucson in this time period was part of the ancient civilisation called the Hohokam which were closely connected with the Mogollon and Anasazi. The Hohokam ruins of Casa Grande show an advanced culture of canal builders that irrigated the desert areas. We know that Calalus had different cultural groups such as the British group and the Latin (Frankish group) as well as the Mananaan. The Mananaan would seem to be associated with the Mogollon culture and the Copper Valley (Barranca del Cobre)of Chihuahua is in the region of the Mogollon. From North West Mexico they may have travelled through Central America to the Magdalena Valley in Columbia before settling in Peru.

Also in Peru are found the red haired white people of the Paracas and Nazca cultures of Peru. Numerous mummies with red hair and Caucasian features have been found in the tombs of the upper classes of these cultures. It is possible that Mentuhotep first settled in South America rather than Central Mexico. It would seem certain legends tell of the conflict between the white tall blonde and bearded men and the red haired men. The blonde descendants of the tribe of Manasseh had been in America for almost a thousand years before the red haired people who arrived around 800-700 BC. These red haired people in Peru may be the great sailors and traders descended from the clans of Zerah-Judah of whom the Milesians and Rhodans belonged. Or they may have been the red haired descendants of Esau known as the Edomites or red men.

The Irish tales also associate the Wastelands with King Art the son of King Conn of the Hundred Battles who has adventures in a land associated with the sea God Mananaan to the far West of Ireland. It would seem that already in the 2nd-3rd centuries that the Irish were connected to Rhoda and the America Mananaan. King Art of Ireland was an ancestor of the later High-King Arthur. Art was known as the Red or Rhodan Hebrew Lord as was his father Conn Chober. Connchober (also known as Conn of the Hundred Battles) was the son of Nissya (Nessa) Fedhilim (Princess Fedlim)and King Fachtna Fathach of the Rhodans. The Irish tales speak of many battles between the Tuatha de Danaan and the Milesian Irish. It is interesting that these tales associate the Tuatha with appearing out of cloud and mist which may explain why the Inca's called the Chachapoyas the Cloud Warriors. They seemed to possess a cloud or mist making technology which terrified the other peoples.

The accounts also link the Tuatha de Danaan with a country called Lochlainn which is believed by some to be Denmark others Norway. However it may have been a place in the Americas. Lochlainn may mean "Warriors of the Lake (or Sea Inlet)". The Swan Ships of the Exilarch Solomon traded with the ancestors of the Tuatha de Danaan (the Mananaan) in America. The Rhodan Milesians (Radhanites)under their Davidic Kings established a mining colony in Arizona around the first century BC and were allied with the Mananaan or Manau of America. As mentioned above they seem to be descendants of the Tribe of Manasseh lead by the priestesses of Dinah (Danu)who fled with King Manu (King Menuhotep IV/ Manesseh)from Egypt in the 17th century BC for America. The legendary Inca King Manu or Manco for whom the first Inca King was named would seem to be Mentuhotep. It would also seem that the Rhodan's settled some of the Tuatha in Lochlainn in four cities but at some stage in the 2nd century they had a falling out and the Tuatha departed for Scotland and then attacked Ireland. They eventually left Ireland for Germany where they lived near the Angles. Some of them became assimilated with the Angles and others left for Sweden.

The white tribe of Indians in America called the Mandan retain both the Man of Mananaan and the Dan of Danaan. The Mandan have been linked with the Welsh Prince Madog /Madoc. While we know he was a descendant of people from Calalus and he returned to America to Alabama and Georgia, we do not know if the Mandan are the descendants of these Welsh settlers. It is more likely that the white Mandan were a remnant of the Mananaan or Tuatha de Danaan who had been in the Americas since the 17th century BC.

Many people believe that we are living in a similar period of time in which a comet will appear and the earth will be bombarded by fire from heaven. These events in the 6th cenury came at the end of an American-British Empire which seems to parallel our present decline of the British-American world financial empire. British legend tells us that when Britain is in her greatest need King Arthur would return to aid her. Many believe this means a descendant of King Arthur will arise to deliver Britain which is why a Royal custom stated in the Tudor dynasty that one member of the Royal family should have the name Arthur in each generation. In the present generations the Prince of Wales is Charles Arthur Phillip George and the Duke of Cambridge is William Arthur Phillip Louis. The Queen's father George VI also had Arthur as one of his names (Albert Frederick Arthur George). Queen Victoria also had a son called Prince Arthur and Henry VIII's older brother was Arthur Prince of Wales.

The name Arthur means Bear which is Dov in Hebrew. Arthur is associated with the constellation called the Big Bear (Ursus Major) which was later called King Arthur's Chariot and the home or dwelling place of King Arthur. The Irish refer to it as King David's Chariot. The French referred to it as the Great Chariot. The American Indians also refer to this constellation as the Great Bear (Okuri).

see King Arthur's table-or Knot

Also see Comet and Nuclear Winter

see Australian connection

see Comet impact site

see Zuckerman

1. High King Arthur (Mar Dov/ Arthwys Mor)(b.499- d.?539)married Ceindrech daughter of Elutherius (Elidyr/ Uther Pendragon)
2. Amr (Amhar/ Amwlad/Mordred/ Mar Amorai/ Morgan/Noah/Nowy Hen) (b.518-d.539)[son of Arthur and brother of Beli or Cunobelin King of Calalus]
3. Cadrod Calchfynydd (Gideon of Rhoda/ Elidyr/Elisedd) King of Calalus (b.537)[brother of Ithiel Hayyim (Ida of Bernicia)]married Wynne of Gwynedd daughter of Maelgwyn Hir
4. Llywarch Hen Calchfynydd (Llywarch the Graceful)King of Calalus (b.560)married Fay daughter of Eadgils King of Mrygings in Sweden.
5. Dwgywg King of Calalus (b.579)
6. Gwyar (Gwair) King of Calalus (b.600)married Morgana daughter of King Arthur of Dal Riata and Lady Lionor (Ariela/ the Lioness)
7. Tegid King of Calalus (b.622)
8. Alcun King of Calalus (b.638 d.663) married Anna of Britain
9. Sandde (Sandef/ Eadgils?) King of Calalus (b.655)Last King of Arthurian Calalus and Ruler of the Frisians
10 Elidyr the Rhodan (Radbad/ Eadgils?) Duke of Frisia (as Radbad I)(b.673 d.719) married Celenion
11. Enkel King of the Radbads of the Rhone Valley (brother of Guriad)
12 Princess Urenkelin (Celenion)of Radbads of the Rhone Valley married King Theodoric II Nehemiah of Septimania

Note: I have become aware of certain books that speak about King Arthur, America and the Comet. I have at this time not read these books but only read about them on the internet. My writings do not draw on them at all and from what I have read I certainly do not agree with the agenda of these writers especially in their anti-catholic and anti-royalist viewpoints. My writings are based on my own studies and reconstruction of the genealogies which have become somewhat confused and muddled over the centuries. I accept the dating of the scientists who believe that the comet bombarded or passed the earth around 540 AD not 562 AD as mentioned by these other authors. Any books or writings that claim that Jesus or Mary Magdalene were married or had children I consider to be highly offensive and blasphemous to all orthodox Christians.

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reposting due to theft.

American Indians, Neanderthals and Denisovans: Insights from PCA Views

American Indians, Neanderthals and Denisovans: Insights from PCA Views

Dienekes posted a SNP PCA showing the relative position of a sample of modern human populations from the Harvard HGDP along the axes formed by Chimpanzees, Denisovans and Neanderthals. On the broad-view PCA, the red dot indicates Chimpanzees, the green dot Neanderthals and the blue dot Denisovans. In accordance with earlier studies, in the zoom-in version of the PCA, Eurasians shift toward Neanderthals, Papuans toward Denisovans, while Africans and, especially, San look closer to Chimpanzees.


Among Eurasians, Lahu and Naxi, two Sino-Tibetan populations from China, are the closest to Neanderthals. This is, by itself, is surprising, as Neanderthals must have had more extensive contact with Europeans, not East Asians. American Indians again are not represented in the sample. But if we look at another SNP PCA from Skoglund & Jakobsson’s “Archaic Human Ancestry in East Asia” (2011), we’ll see that it’s American Indians that are noticeably closer to Neanderthals.

Where the Harvard HGDP sample failed, Skoglund & Jakobsson’s sample encompassing HapMap 3, Chicago HGDP and Finnish HapMap data identified the position of American Indians in PC1 and PC2. If American Indians were part of the sample from which Dienekes derived his PCA, they would have fallen in the space between Lahu/Naxi and Neanderthals. Skoglund & Jakobsson’s PCA also suggests some proximity between American Indians and Denisovans. This proximity comes out clearly in their Table S3 (see below in slightly shortened form), where Colombian and Karitiana are right next to Melanesians and ahead of Naxi in terms of frequency of the Denisova allele. Maya and Lahu are further down below but both are ahead of most West Asians, South Asians and West Eurasians. It appears that all easternmost populations, whether Melanesians, East Asians or South American Indians, are shifted closer to the Denisovan pole, while all of American Indians are shifted closer to Neanderthals.

This is confirmed on Skoglund & Jakobsson’s map of the distribution of the Denisova allele in modern human populations.

The gradient connects Sahul, East Asia and America as the regions with most pronounced Denisovan admixture with West Eurasia and Africa (no Denisovan admixture). On Dienekes’s PCA some African populations seem to be shifting slightly in the direction of the Denisovan pole, as some of Dienekes’s readers noted in the Comments. It seems likely that just like Neanderthal admixture is apparently present in the Yoruba, Denisovan admixture may eventually be detected in some Sub-Saharan Africans at some of the lowest frequencies in the world.

It’s interesting to compare the distribution of Denisovan “admixture” with the distribution of Neanderthal “admixture” in the polymorphisms observed in human X chromosome’s dystrophin gene (ds44). The least derived B006 haplotype was observed in modern humans and in Neanderthals. In modern humans the frequency of B006 was the highest among North American Indians followed by Europeans (see Ziętkiewicz et al. Haplotypes in the Dystrophin DNA Segment Point to a Mosaic Origin of Modern Human Diversity. Am J Hum Genet 2003 November; 73 (5): 994–1015). American Indians also showed other near-basal haplotypes B052, B064 suggesting that the conservation of B006 among them is part of a systemic phenomenon. Applying a formula of sequence divergence to estimate the age of B006 on the Americas, Austin Whittall obtained the figure of 188,000 years, which is roughly the same time (pending molecular clock optimizations) as the emergence of “anatomically modern humans” in the African archaeological record.

B006 has not been reported from the southern areas of Sub-Saharan Africa but one copy was observed in Ethiopia and four in Burkina Faso suggesting gene flow from the north. A map of the worldwide distribution of B006 is shown below (from Yotova et al. “An X-Linked Haplotype of Neandertal Origin Is Present Among All Non-African Populations,” Mol. Biol. Evol. 28 (7), 2011).

Similarities between the New World and Melanesia/Papua New Guinea also transpired in a large-scale analysis of worldwide microsatellite variation by Sarah Tishkoff’s lab.

         “The ratio of variance and heterozygosity is the largest in Native American and Papuan and Melanesian populations followed by East Asians, all with values greater than one, intermediate in most Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Indians, with values near one, and with values less than one in most African populations and a few Middle Eastern and European populations” (Tishkoff et al. “The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans,” Science 324 (5930), 2009, Suppl. Mat., p. 10).

This means that American Indians are Melanesians/Papuans are small populations subject to genetic drift. Tishkoff et al. believe that the highest ratio of variance to heterozygosity also means that American Indians and Papuans/Melanesians went through “a strong bottleneck followed by a recent and rapid expansion,” but the recency of this event is cast into doubt given the “archaic admixture” evidence. Most interestingly, African hunter-gatherers, Hadza and San, have the lowest heterozygosity values among all African populations (Tishkoff et al., Suppl. Mat., p. 10), and on Tishkoff’s Fig. S3 (see above) they are noticeably shifted rightward in the direction of American Indians and Melanesians/Papuans. Tishkoff et al. attribute this unusual position of African foragers to their “stable small population sizes” (p. 10-11) and not to their recency. What Tishkoff et al.’s data seems to show is that American Indians and Melanesians/Papuans preserve an ancient population structure that’s also the ancient population structure of the Hadza and the San in Africa, but in Africa it’s overlaid by a thick stratum of agricultural and nomadic cattle-breeding diversity.

Going back to “archaic admixture,” higher frequencies of Neanderthal alleles among North American Indians and slightly lower frequencies of Denisovan allelles in South American Indians are very unexpected and don’t fit the “archaic admixture” theory, as there were no Neanderthals or Denisovans in America. There are ways to dismiss the inconvenient facts by attributing them to “ascertainment bias,” “false positives,” or “genetic drift.” But by the same token the proximity of the San to the Chimpanzee pole can be explained away without inferring that the San are basal to all other human populations. Science needs to have a strong theory to account for anomalous facts. That’s when other disciplines beside genetics come in handy. It may not be a coincidence that the signs of “archaic admixture” are the highest precisely where linguistic diversity is also the highest, namely in the New World and Papua New Guinea. It’s precisely the New World and the Sahul that Johanna Nichols (Linguistic Diversity in Space and Time, 1992) classified as linguistic “residual zones” that preserve grammatical structures suggestive of what the earliest human language may have been like. Ethnologists and ethnomusicologists find striking similarities between South America and Papua New Guinea in myths, rituals and music (see, e.g., the collection of essays Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia, edited by Thomas Gregor and Donald Tuzin, its review my folklorist Yuri Berezkin in Latin American Indian Literatures Journal 18 (2002), or Victor Grauer’s description of musical parallels). Haploid genetics (mtDNA and Y-DNA) hasn’t matched the unmistakable cultural and linguistic similarities between the New World and Papua New Guinea with specific haplotypes shared between the two regions. Neither has it matched the discovery of “archaic admixture” with similar “archaic” mtDNA and Y-DNA haplotypes. But haploid systems are subjected to stronger genetic drift and may have simply lost traces of an ancient allelic pattern connecting the New World and Papua New Guinea. If this is the case, then the patterns observed in cultural and linguistic data may be more conservative than some of the patterns detected in haploid genetics.

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May 26 13 12:33 AM

Belief in multiple Gods of Ancient cultures
Star Beings Gods and Sky Spirits
Connection between Native American Gods and Planet-X?

missing link debate |  planet x - nibiru |  man killers |  quantum physics |  critical thinking  |  save your planet
demi god rule |  meet your creator |  meet god |  world timelines |  alien visitation |  religious terror |  2012 alert
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The Gods and Goddess's of Native American Indian Cultures

American Indian Gods and Goddess'sNative American Indian "folklore" or "mythology" consist of oral legends and tales of Star Beings or Sky Gods and can be harvested from the American Southwest to the great white north of Canada to Tierra Del Fuego.

In story-telling traditions dating back to antiquity, the gods once descended from heaven to impregnate barren females in remote villages. Mothers bearing these strange seeds would then nurture and raise the "Star Children" until the age of six or thereabouts, when the gods would return to reclaim their progeny, leaving villagers staring up into the infinite night.

Many Native American tribes have stories and histories concerning the sky beings sometimes referred to as Thunderbirds. In some cases, these powerful beings act as teachers, guardians, and law enforcers and most always conveyed the importance of balance in all things.

Native Americans, New Agers, and charlatans alike have radically augmented and revised the tenets of traditional Native American religions. "Crystal skull caretakers" sit beside Native American medicine men and medicine women, shamans and priests, and "Star Beings," rather than buffalo, are pondered. Outraged Native Americans have entered this fray, castigating those they see exploiting traditional Native American spirituality.

Popular American Indian Star Beings and Sky People

Pawnee Indians - aka Star People

Native American Sky Gods The seemingly simplistic astronomical observational tools used to observe and determine the motions of the Moon, stars, and planets would have appeared extremely sophisticated to the Pawnee Indians living on the Great Plains of Nebraska a century ago. They were skillful sky watchers.

Proof of their observational activities resides in the Pawnee collection at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. Discovered in one of the Pawnee "Sacred Bundles" groups of ceremonial objects wrapped together was a star chart. The chart is made from a piece of tanned elk skin, oval in shape, and approximately 38 cm by 55 cm in size. Its exact age is uncertain, but it is thought to be between 100 and 300 years old.

The importance of the sky chart to their culture was considerable, important enough to be included in a sacred bundle. Every Pawnee household had a sacred bundle, which they believed were gifts from the stars, whom they considered to be supernatural beings who often descended to Earth to maintain relationships with mortal people.

One major Pawnee legend deals with the origin of the sacred tribal bundle, which was guarded and protected by the tribal shaman for its magical charms. The bundle could be used to invoke the aid of the Great Spirit in bringing buffalo to the tribe in times of hunger.

The stars and constellations were a great influence on almost every aspect of their lives, and even their houses were laid out in patterns which duplicated the patterns of the constellations, indicating the positions of their most important star gods.

Apache Indians - Gahe

Star Beings The Gahe, also Ga'an are Supernatural beings who dwell inside mountains. The can sometimes be heard dancing and beating drums. Because they can heal and drive away disease, they are worshipped.

In the ritual dances of the Chiricahua Apache masked dancers painted a different color for each point of the compass represent all the Gahe except the Grey One. The Grey One, though he appears as a clown, is really the mightiest of all the Gahe.

Arikara Indians - Nesaru Sky Spirits

The Nesaru had charge over all creation. Displeased with a race of giants in the underworld who would not respect his authority, Nesaru sent a new race to the underworld to replace them and sent a flood which destroyed the giants without destroying the new men. When the new men cried out to be released from the underworld, Nesaru sent the Corn Mother for their deliverance.

Zuni Indians - Achiyalatopa

The Zuni are a North American Indian people that speak a Penutian language living in western New Mexico. In Zuni mythology, Achiyalatopa is a celestial giant monster with feathers of flint knives
petrographs of indian sky gods

Cherokee Indians - Geyaguga Moon Spirit

The Cherokee (more properly Tsallaki) are a north American Indian nation of the Iroquois family with two main divisions: the Ottare and the Ayrate. In Cherokee mythology, Geyaguga is an all powerful, magical spirit that descends from the moon.

Navajo Indians - Mythical Gods

The Navajo nation prospered from the Southwest of Arizona to the Great plains. In Navajo mythology, Hastsehogan is the god of houses.
Hastseltsi is the god of racing
Hastsezini is the god of fire

Iroquois, or Six Nations Indians

petroglyphs of indian star spirits The Iroquois, were a confederation of North American Indian tribes including the Mohawks, Oneidas and Senecas.

In Iroquois mythology, Hino is the thunder god, guardian of the skies. Keneun is chief god of the Thunderbirds. He is an invisible spirit. Thunder is the sound of his beating wings and lightning his flashing eyes.

Ataentsic is the goddess of the earth. She was the Woman Who fell from the sky and creatress of the sun and moon. It is she who gives counsel in dreams.

In Iroquois mythology, the flying head was a giant winged head with fire for eyes, fangs like knives and wings of strands of hair. It preyed on animals at night, and when it found a human settlement it descended upon it and set on the farm animals and the owners. The flying head was destroyed after eating roasted chestnuts and the fire they were roasted in. Hey, how elese could a primitive species explain a flying craft? petroglyphs of indian star spirits

Pueblo Indians - Sky Spirits

In Pueblo Indian mythology, a kachina is a deified ancestral spirit with all powerful magic and ruler of all things.

The Hopi Indians

The Hopi indians, part of the Pueblo family, hold that every plant, animal and aspect of life and death is governed by a different kachina, which look after the welfare of the Hopi people. What do you suppose the references in Hopi mythology to mysterious "flying shields" of fire signify?

Two separate realms exist in the Hopi cosmology: the surface of the earth as the site of human activity and a combined sky/underground region as the home of the spirits, in particular the kachinas. (For the Hopi a kachina is a masked spirit that can assume the form of any physical object, phenomenon, or living being.)

Sioux Plains Indians

In Sioux mythology, Wakonda is the Great Spirit who keeps the balance in the universe, revealing the great secrets to only a few favored shamans.


missing link debate |  planet x - nibiru |  man killers |  quantum physics |  critical thinking  |  save your planet
demi god rule |  meet your creator |  meet god |  world timelines |  alien visitation |  religious terror |  2012 alert
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Jul 30 14 5:38 PM

so many views so much silence, if you read this far i'd be amazed, my object mission was simple and clear, neatherthals come in three skin colors and are born of turtle island, the black the red and the white are born of this land, spread out around the world and have been enlaved and capitives ever since. my aim is to change that around the world, but i see silence is greater some how then actions? know who you are on our land, no what is expected of you and what is lawfull from LEGAL, rite from WRONG and good from evil, if thats too much to ask then go home, if home happens to be here, then take responsibility and change and grow and become a benefit to people. highness the man in the moon.

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Oct 29 14 3:59 AM

over 14,000 views thank you for your further silence

well there it is: over 14,000 views to our lost little forum board on the big bad web, if i didn't post this in this string i will now..

here's half of my geneology: the other half stays hidden by the six nations in silence and the FEDERAL CROWN EMPLOYEE'S WHO ENJOYED SEING ME TASERED AND BEATEN A TORTORED AND THEN SHAFTED IN THE QUEEN'S BENCH: one day i will have justice and your legal turds will pay and pay and pay: for the rest of your life seventy percent of what you earn every day of your miserable existence, not a threat but warning to STUPID... thanks for destroying my entire life.

my games of thrones: 1st part... :)

Áed is a Gaelic given name, meaning "fire", or derived from the Irish mythological god Aed. The hypocoristic form is Áedán, anglicized as Aidan. Aed is also a modern variation of the Irish name Aodh. Aed, or Aodh, is sometimes anglicized as Hugh.[1]

Individuals with this name include:

People named Aodh:

Aed (god)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Aed, or Aodh, is the prince of the Daoine Sidhe and a god of the underworld in Irish mythology. He is known from inscriptions as the eldest son of Lir, High King of the Tuatha de Dannan, and Aobh, a daughter of Bobhdh Dearg.

According to tradition, Aobh died in childbirth after bearing Lir four children (two sets of twins): Fionnuala, Aodh, Fiachra, and Conn. Aoife, the second wife of Lir, and in some versions of the story, the sister of Aobh, was very jealous of the children and conspired to kill them on a journey to see Bodhbh Dearg, the former King of the Tuatha de Dannan. But for love of the Children of Lir, the servants of Aoife would not slay the children, and so she cursed them to live as swans for 900 years: 300 upon Lake Darvra, 300 in the English Channel, and 300 on the open sea.

Legend says they kept their voices and learned all the songs and tales of Ireland, as well as the many languages brought by travelers from distant places.

There are numerous variations on the culmination of the story after the breaking of Aoife's curse, and most are obviously influenced by the spreading of Christianity to the British Isles. For more on the story, see the article on the Children of Lir.


In England, Hayes arose as a locational surname, associated with one of the several places named "Hayes", such as locations in Kent, Middlesex, Devon and Dorset. Such place names had two origins, one based on the Old English haes (brushwood, underwood) and the other based on horg (enclosure) or hege (hedge).[2] The distribution of Hayes in Great Britain in 1881 and 1998 is similar and restricted to areas of England well separated from Scotland and showing some penetration into Wales.[5] This surname has gained in popularity in the century between 1881 and 1998, but remains at a rank of <150 and a frequency lower than that in the United States and some other countries of the Commonwealth.[5]

In Scotland, Hayes is a Scoto-Norman surname, a direct translation of the Normans' locational surname "de la Haye", meaning "of La Haye", La Haye ("the hedge") being the name of several towns on the Cotentin peninsula of Normandy, France. The first Norman namebearer to arrive in Scotland was William II de la Haye in the time of the Norman invasion. Clan Hay descends from him.[6]

In Ireland, Hayes originated as a Gaelic polygenetic surname "O hAodha", meaning descendant of Aodh ("fire"), or of Aed, an Irish mythological god. Septs in most counties anglicised "O hAodha" to "Hayes". In County Cork, it became "O'Hea". In County Ulster, it became "Hughes", the patronymic of Hugh, an anglicized variant of the given name Aodh. Hayes is noted on a public record in County Wexford as early as 1182. In County Cork, under the Munster providence, Hayes falls under the banner of the McNamara clan in the Dalcassian Sept. The Hayes clan is also been known to hail allegiance[clarification needed] to Clan Cian, the ruling O'Carroll clan, of southern Ireland.[6][7][8]

In Pakistan, Hayes was brought upon the Sindh and numerous northern regions due to the British India rule for almost 500 years. The Scottish alleged the surname into the regions of what is now known as Pakistan. The pronunciation however, carries out differently throughout the nation; in major regions of the Sindh area, Hayes (pronounced /ˈhɔːyаɪs/) is tongued "Hah-yis."


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Nov 6 14 5:10 PM

noticing the NOTICED:

i find it interesting that everytime i answer something on the fb cbc page i am always attacked, called a bigot for putting a word of reminder we natives are still here and such, see if your recieiving taxpayer dollars to spy and provoke the taxpayers thats fraud, to do it to us natives is genocide; look it up: see the CROWN EMPLOYEE'S aren't smart enough to see what is real around them being so confused between reality and just plain stupid, and seemingly incapable of knowing who butter's their bread and who eats it for them. i want you to know this month is special; why? because the crown temple is suposedly being disolved according to some information or misinformation: who knows? if that is the case and that means the laws of gravity and the laws of physics returned to land law and let me be the first to inform you: your colonial ancestor's fordge those treaty's against my native relations, because theres no two part's in the terms and the conditions in those fraud contracts; our words nor our demand for mutual benefit and lawfull representation and safety and protion as the beneficairy's: exist in any of those fraud contracts by force duress and genocide, and then the reality is the colonists: were the ones who murdered raped and sold into slavery my people of this land north pole to south pole in a full spectrum trauma based hostile corporate takeover of the americus empire; to steal all our trade roote's and all our gold and silver and precious.. well your colonial ancestor's failed to pay the rent, that is why they believe they have the right to collect taxes from you's; that is to say we natives never got paid from the treaty's, most went into trusts and the paltry sum of several million extracted to pay for our way is the largest fraud in history.. and then at the same time your crown masters claimed taxpayers were paying for our native upkeep is again fraud.. get it? now after removing 200 million of us natives from the planet to steal what we shared and then make fraud claims to ownership by the crown temples here on our land means you have no creditor with no king, and no insurer with no queen, and no bank with the pope and no longer under the common law of england, now your completely liable for historical fraud, don't believe me? you colonial master's set it all up under the admiralty martime laws, the birth place of your criminal codes, which lawfully only apply to crown employee's and immigrants and only applies on the high sea under tallships, the other end of the stick we got in concintration camps politely called reserves; and with no CROWN TEMPLE or Crown Temple or CROWN TEMPLE: or cROWN TEMPLE: then your under land law of us natives so many of you used and trafficked and assimilated by trauma based mind control and experimented on us both medically and psychologically to make sure we were kept down and ignorant and always hurting and hungery and homeless; just like your elected officals were first to point out as happening everywhere else; but here. as the lawfull king chief of canada and the heir to the americus empire i am noticing the noticed. its time to payforward from our stolen inherentences now; and to sit down with us peacefully to discuss the terms and conditions of your stay. the immigrants who help us and protect us are the true beloved of the lawfull crown hh the man innthe moon. this last offer is more then you deserve " CROWN EMPLOYEE'S: don't F.U.C.K. this up: defined as; "FORNICATION UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE KING CHIEF, thank you for your time and peace intentions.

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Nov 6 14 5:33 PM

very interesting..

when i come to this post not signed in there's three pages?? and when i am logged in there's six pages to this post? is that fraud or trickery? have a nice day :)

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Dec 12 14 12:51 AM

over 27,000 views and still sitting in silence..

thank you your silence is accepted as value.

i am glad people and members got the fact we have survived several attempts to shut us down and remove this forum and even make it disappear and license sold out from beneath me, its so telling and revealing of the police state you all enable. i am okay, still sitting here under house arrest for not injuring "peace officers" nor "obstructing justice" nor unttering death threats i never made. when i am in the right position i will sue every single one who has made my life hell, see i don't hate, or hurt or molest or do anything really wrong at all, but alot of YOU do and think i am here to be systemically abused and fucked over, full circle, i am have survived your bullshit, your set ups and your cointelpro criminal behavior, if i am no one then none of this would not have started at four years old, i wouldn't have had to survive mk ultra, foster homes, and endless corporate harrassement for not buying into your illusions of ownership of me and my lawfull claims. to those natives and immigrants who love me and parreiciate what i have tried to do here in revealing the SCHEME and the FRAUD, know that i think about all of every day, not one of you can say i was wrong about most things and you have differed and we met in the middle and talked in a good way. i am gratefull for those who love me, and i love you too. :) after loosing so much information and even the pictures of my rendition from the winnipeg police diservice, i am still here.  where the hell has the add photo button gone now?? hey prairy, ever notice how never replaces anything the police steal? anyway i have remained healtier then in the recent past, my hands are frelled now and i will need surgery on my chest neck and back, but not here in winnipeg.. they are murders. go fuck yourselves. i love you all. highness the man in the moon.

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Sep 1 15 7:38 AM

here is listing with correct spelling

how blind to reality do you have to be to miss that these "native drawings are from white natives? who were the light skinned beothic's? and why were they systematically erased? and why do the micmac have my family's flag born of the red hand? seriously answer me.;_ylt=AwrB8pxeqeVVjmkA79QunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIzMmhlbHA2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM4YjY5MzJhN2RiMTE3MjE3MjE0NWE1OTc0ZGY5NTFlOARncG9zAzc3BGl0A2Jpbmc-?.origin=&;_ylt=AwrB8pxeqeVVjmkAFNUunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0YTZzczM3BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM2OWJiZGVkNTc0YzUwNzQyNzc0ODZjODkzOWNmYWE3YwRncG9zAzExNARpdANiaW5n?.origin=&

fire spirals found all over this land and the u;k; and europe and india?;_ylt=AwrB8pXnqeVVbx4AZ3MunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0Ym9pMG9yBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANlZDRhZWE5Y2JmZjQwZDRiOGNmMWI2ODM2MzQ2NWIxMwRncG9zAzEzMgRpdANiaW5n?.origin=&;_ylt=AwrB8pXnqeVVbx4Ab3MunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0dGlwbzY4BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM4ZjY5N2JhMTVkMDAyMWE5ZGMyNzAyNTExMWQyYjdkMARncG9zAzE0MARpdANiaW5n?.origin=&;_ylt=AwrB8pRQruVVuicANvEunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0YnYxc2ZtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMzNjIwODQ5YTk0NTRjYzc2NmNjZTY1ZTRlMDFiMTU2OARncG9zAzE2NARpdANiaW5n?.origin=&;_ylt=AwrB8o4BsOVVbBoAk_kunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0NDV2c2pqBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANjMGI4OTlkNDU0ZTcxZDIzOTRhNGZlMThlYWE5NDAyMQRncG9zAzUyMARpdANiaW5n?.origin=&

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Nov 18 15 12:28 PM

48,816 views and your silence is accepted as consent and recognition

see your welcome to join and take apart the jurisdictional spider web i have used to ensnare the BAD PERSON = CROWN EMPLOYEE'S, if i frightened you, you'll get over it, no one can own stolen land and operate a stolen venue based on genocide, despite having literally millions of cousins on this land in three color's of skin doesn't change anything if they do nothing in the interest's all of us concerned, i will not enable genocide, i will not enable human slavery, i will not cheat the future generations fresh clean air water or food, so why are YOU? its seldom i receive praise, or even acknowledgement of my ability's, but recently i was informed that the native cases using my words and wisdom have been winning them, this is hopefull. thank you for watching, reading and learning our way out of this prision state. and yes i still mean it; jubilee will come after the BAD PERSONS who were all involved in "RENDITIONING me" are in jail until we can arrange a land court. hh the man in the moon.

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Dec 14 15 10:59 AM

so much for that, if you go on facebook go to my wall and find that link above

so tired of this endless oppressive shit, give it up BAD PERSONS your on my women's land. hh the man in the moon.

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Dec 17 15 8:01 PM


A Bi-Hemispheric and Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Human Origins

9 Responses

  1. […] associated PCA is very similar to the one that lacked American Indians. Neanderthals are bottom left, Denisovans are top […]

  2. […] Here’s a scientfic article that states that native American Indians have more Neanderthal DNA in them than other human populations: Neanderthal DNA in native Americans […]

  3. Alvah Hicks October 30, 2012 at 12:31 am · Reply

    The following comment supports An American Wellspring or Out of America I with no admixture from Denisova… also see the supplement last graph for negative values pointing to ancestral position for Amerindians. They are nodal for all genetic conditions including archaeologically, as pre-Clovis sites have nothing to do with Old World Paleolithic systems, being, rather, the signature of Ancient Modern Humans (using an outdated definition that needs to be revisited (vs archaic modern humans), original pre-Upper Paleolithic behavior/subsistence strategy.

    “The apparent absence of Denisova ancestry in Native Americans in our study could be influenced by the biased affinity to the Neandertal genome that is expected because of ascertainment bias and genetic drift, but analyses of unascertained low-coverage shotgun sequence data from a single Native American individual resulted in a similar conclusion (24). If absent in America, the Denisova component must have appeared in the ancestors of East Asians after their divergence from Native Americans, which has been dated to ∼14–30 kya (58, 60, 61). from above Skoglund & Jakobsson’s “Archaic Human Ancestry in East Asia” (2011)”

  4. neutronium March 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm · Reply

    Why are humans so spread out on the left-right axis? Chimps are so much farther than humans than the other species, so it’s like showing the left-right axis in miles and the north south in feet. Would random DNA do the same thing as chimp DNA?

    Also, why not just plot the human-neanderthal distance vs the human-devension distance? No more arbitrary outgroups and no more “why are they shifted toward chimps?” confusion.

  5. Ruth Robertson April 8, 2013 at 10:04 pm · Reply

    Read with interest this study, for as a lay-person who recently got the results of her National Geographic 2.0 Geome test results back, I was struck by the fact that I was listed as having 11% American Indian in me and 3.4% Denisovan. I could not for the life of me see where that percentage could have happened, and this study confirms the great impossibility of it having come from the American Indian side. I then remembered reading that several members of my extinct tribe (Maidu) had interbred with some native Hawaiians who had been brought over to work in the sugar fields here in California some time ago. That would definitely explain the influence of the Denisovan DNA in my book. All my other percentages dealt with my being Norther European.

  6. O Planeta dos Macacos Mestiços | Grupo Raiz da Terra – Talismã-TO

    […] Os Homo sapiens – espécie exótica e invasora suprema – ao encontrar estes outros humanos fizeram o que continuariam fazendo depois: sexo e conquista. O resultado é que 1% a 4% do DNA das populações não africanas atuais é de origem Neandertal, enquanto até 6% do genoma dos nativos melanésios é Denisova.Alelos desta origem também aparecem no genoma de populações no sudeste asiático e de índios americanos. […]

  7. Ronald Hicks May 27, 2013 at 6:19 pm · Reply

    My Genographic Project results show the same 3.4% Denisovan as Robertson’s with no Native American admixture. My take on this is that the Eurasian population should be thought of as a unit–not subdivided into Neandertal, Denisovan, and the like–but with a range of variation that includes the traits attributed to both. We need to remember that our Denisovan sample is limited to a single individual. I’ve seen no convincing evidence that would suggest that gene flow from Africa and across Eurasia was ever interrupted long enough for us to be talking about separate species.

  8. Ronald Hicks
    Ronald Hicks May 27, 2013 at 6:28 pm · Reply

    Another point that must be borne in mind when looking at the graph that shows African populations as being closer to chimps is that both occupy African environments, which would tend to expose them to the same selective pressures, thus tending to preserve in human populations those alleles most fitted for those environments, while humans who moved out of Africa would be exposed to very different sets of selective pressures.

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