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Jul 29 15 6:17 AM

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Public Notice to Law Enforcement, Sheriffs,
Elected Officials and Bar Association Members
April 5, 2015
Take Notice: The Roman Curia created the concept of legal fictions-- trusts, foundations, and other
corporations for good reasons-- however, legal fictions can be misused. By Maxim of Law, those who
create are responsible for their creations. It follows that the Roman Curia is responsible for the proper
functioning of all corporations worldwide. As of September 1, 2013, Pope Francis declared all
corporations and corporate officers fully liable for their errors and omissions. This means you.
Also by Maxim of Law, there is no statute of limitation on fraud. Privately owned governmental
services corporations have been fraudulently passing themselves off as the “government of the United
States” since 1862. The longevity of this fraud in no way imbues it with authority. As an employee of
these corporations you have no public office and no public bond and no foreign state immunity.
Federal Law Enforcement Personnel--- except U.S. Marshals: Your status is that of a Mall Cop acting
outside the Mall. You have no authority on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. You
are acting under color of law when addressing Citizens of the Continental United States “as if” they
were Citizens of the Federal United States. If you threaten any living inhabitant of the Continental
United States with a gun, taser, or other weapon, you can be hung as an inland pirate. If you remove
any livestock you can be hung as a cattle rustler. If you cause any harm, you can be sued without
limit. If you wear any uniform or display any badge or use any name or office designed to deceive or
project authority you do not have, you can be arrested for impersonating an officer.
You are acting in a purely private capacity and have only equal Civil Rights that may be withdrawn at
any time. You are also acting under Martial Law and may face extreme punishment for infractions
against the civilian populace. Acts of plunder, mortal violence, and mischaracterization of civilians as
combatants are all death penalty offenses.
U.S. Marshals are allowed full egress within the Continental United States so long as they are sworn
and acting as officers sworn to uphold the actual Constitution, are not acting deceptively, nor acting
outside their international jurisdiction while in pursuit of their duty protecting the U.S. Mail.
Lawyers, Judges, Court Clerks--- When you address birthright Citizens of the Continental United States
in the foreign jurisdiction of the Federal United States or that of a Federal State, and deliberately
confuse living people with corporate franchises merely named after them, you commit personage. This
results in press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea, a crime outlawed
worldwide for 200 years. It is a recognized act of inland piracy and it carries the death penalty.
Mischaracterizing the identity or citizenship status of a birthright Citizen of the Continental United
States is also a crime under the Geneva Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3. It also carries the
Death Penalty.
Finally, no member of the Bar Association may sit upon the bench of any public court nor occupy any
public office of the Continental United States including Congress. The involvement of any Bar Member
automatically voids all proceedings pretending subject matter jurisdiction related to the actual land or
its assets---including the people of the Continental United States. The Titles of Nobility Amendment
adopted and ratified prior to the American Civil War has not been repealed.
The Federal United States and the Municipality of Washington, DC all operate under the auspices of the
United Nations and are signatories of the Universal Right of Self-Declaration. Anyone claiming to be a
Citizen of the Continental United States having a valid Birth Certificate must be treated as such. Any
debts or charges whatsoever related to vessels in commerce operated under his or her name by the
Federal United States, any Federal State, the Washington DC Municipality or the UNITED NATIONS
must be discharged according to Maxim of Law already cited: you are responsible for what you create.
The Federal United States and its Federal States have created numerous vessels in commerce merely
named after living Citizens of the Continental United States and styled in the form: John Quincy
Adams. The Washington DC Municipality has similarly indulged in this practice and created franchises
for itself named after living Citizens of the Continental United States styled in the form: JOHN QUINCY
ADAMS. Most recently the UNITED NATIONS has created public utilities and is operating them under
names styled as: JOHN Q. ADAMS.
The organizations that have created these franchises are completely, 100% liable for their debts and
obligations without exception and without recourse to claim upon the living people these franchises are
named after.
You may not presume that the living people have consensually agreed to be subjected to statutory
law. You may not presume that they consensually agreed to be obligated for the debts of any legal
fiction personas which have been created and named after them by Third Parties secretively operating
in a private capacity and merely claiming to represent the victims of this fraud.
This is your Due Notice that the living people inhabiting the Continental United States are presenting
themselves and may not be addressed as if they belong to, are responsible for, or indebted in behalf of
any legal fiction personas operated under their given names by any international corporation.
Any continuance of any such claims and repugnant practices will be deemed immediate cause to
liquidate the American Bar Association as a criminal syndicate and to deport its members from our
shores. International action is underway to secure the assets and credit owed to the victims.
Please read, research, and do your own due diligence. You are fully responsible for obeying the Public
Law of the Continental United States including Revised Statute 2561 and The Constitution. Please
respect the established jurisdictions of air, land, and sea--- and be aware that you may be arrested
and fined or worse for failure to do so.
Issued this fifth day of April 2015, Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court.
Here are the Orders by Pope Francis that ALL “public officials” that are under the jurisdiction of the
Vatican City State do no longer have Immunity for the crimes they commit, Primarily Judges in
America which includes the BAR Association.

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eyes of fire


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Jul 29 15 6:50 AM

so it appears the FICTIONS will move against me LEGALLY? really? on unceded land? interesting how using my titles not for profit; not for gain; nor for harm, could land me in FICTION court: again? which is no surprise really when i was renditioned for not being the manchurian candidate i was programmed to be? sorry to disappoint YOU, but this harassment has gone on way too long for it not to be noticed by good people, i don't know what to think when all my claims have been made in the best of my ability, despite the FICTION induced to me over the years as LAW, despite the brainwashing and mind wipes and tortures of the medical and psychological experimentation's my childhood and of course recently in 2012 by rendition, see if there wasn't something behind my claims i would not matter would i? so in reality protecting women and children from hostile corporate takeover, rape and molestation systemically makes me a CRIMINAL? whose mindless logic bore that? i offered YOU a way out of all this liability that is quickly catching up to you, i have acted and have moved in consultation and agreement with my women who have patiently stood by me and supported my bid to act and do in their benefit and interest's, find a crime in that, as for those who i warned and was not believed, i hope the next time we meet  you will have grown and matured to the point that you see what i have done in my wake of my canoe, was not wasted. and yes i know i have heard your afraid i will be a MONSTER controlled by the corporate demons, i think by now you would see my poverty as honesty, my good work directed by a higher force other then the GOVERNMENT that believes the way to help my people is to force us through all bullshit and cointell horse crap to dissuade all approaches, ask csis, i refused their inducement to write a letters patent to my cousin across the big waters, i also refuse to be a CORPORATESHIP in her fleet of liability, has enough of my people died yet? have my people been punished enough? we did nothing wrong but feed europe when it was in famine, we invested into the world with gold and silver and gem values as the americuse empire, only for it to be raped and broken and stolen for the last five hundred years? 3000 trading posts in lawfull treaty's with my high king line for over a thousand years is no reason to bait and screw me over, seriously; since all offers for clemency for correction in amity have been ignored and not acted upon, i don't think i am obligated to do anything in YOUR regard, YOU have made my existence a tortured one, and this from supposed christians acting like demons? i am sorry all the taxpayer pretend monies were wasted on stalking me, interefearing with me and setting me up to fall were wasted on me, you have paid yourselves well to try to corrupt me, to rape break and redition me, for what? to protect unlawfull claims to land and resources stolen under dominion? then there is all that gold and silver and outstanding payments of royalties and dividends to my women.. hmm.. looks like your the ghosts now.. good luck with that.

hh the man in the moon, by the consent of the lawfull women whom i love for seeing the value in me the CORPORATION refused too. lawfull over LEGAL, reality over FICTION, unceded over false claims, the land law over the imposed policies, lawfull crown over the FICTIONED CROWN, and anything else any would like to add.. 

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