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Nov 29 06 2:16 PM

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KingChief Moon?

Dear Fictional Entities such as Corporations whom have given me this monacure: "KingChief Moon" how can I thank you for the honor of being your superior? Thus by your own actions in the opposite of good, you have made me your objection, sarcasm, and offense: I am now a viable target thus I have the substance: by your condacention....

It is no joke that I come from Royal Blue Blood on bothsides of the Atlantic, now I am the Proof to what I say, thus, to my detractor's:

Pony up the cash for True Emperical Testing of my ptDNA and mtDNA, Blood Typing and Factor: and you will do you and I both a favor, that could have positive wide spread result's and consequence's by the Proving of the Proof...

I know some of those wispering shadow's around the Fire, whom are not what they seem, and I have endured their attacks and their propaganda. So here is the challenge: Put Up The Cash or Shut up and Accept the fact I am most willing to Prove that which you poke at with a long stick.

You see the implication? If I and others are born of Inheritance and Perpetual Succession and could come together to Correct the Systemic Dyscrimination of the Colonies, Restore the Traditional System, Return all land to the Clanmother's Protection....oh, the thought occures...that is what those Fictional Entites are so worried about, isn't it?

It truly is hard to exist when you are born of the Barely Living And Breathing and the Corporate Dead....

I love you all.....GhostChild.
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Dec 1 06 3:12 PM

It's good to have you drop by the fire!
I hope all is well with you and yours.

Ghostchild, as always, they know not what they do.....forgive, but don't forget.
They of whom you speak never returned to the fire, so I don't know if they are reading this or not.....

Let them talk........cause that's all it is. Meddling talk and idle gossip.

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Dec 2 06 11:09 AM

Very true, I let them talk, I know there are to sides to fame: One is orchrastrated For and the other is the result of orcrastration Against: Two Sides to the Corporate Coin!

(It is sad that in this, they have taken pokes and threats at Kaneekaneet, but he too is still standing: until they wake to realise they have made error's: Wake Up Person's and Correct the Error's, the Creator of AllThingsGood is waiting....King Chief Moon....Ha!..GhostChild

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