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Jul 9 07 9:10 PM

Interesting News out of Estonia.

Estonia Drops Cyberwar Theory, Claims Packets Were 'Terrorism'

By Kevin Poulsen
June 07, 2007 | 2:17:58 PM

Estonian Justice Minister Rein Lang, one of the survivors of the recent denial-of-service attacks that hit some of the country's websites, concedes the Russian government may not have been responsible after all, Agence France-Presse reports. But he says Estonia will ask the European Union next week to classify the incidents as terrorism.

"We're inclined to view such things as acts of terror, just as the Americans view them now," Lang said at a press conference.

Dear Estonia: Terrorism generally kills people, sometimes lots of them. Websites being made unavailable by a flood of unwanted traffic isn't terrorism. It's something far, far worse. It's Cybarmageddon!

So here's my offer. If any Estonian official uses my word at the meeting of European Union justice ministers next Wednesday, I'll transfer my newly-registered domain name to the Estonian government, gratis.

Trust me, this will be worth something. Already the Google hits on cybarmageddon have soared from zero to around 20. Botnets and DDoS attacks aren't going away, and we in the press will inevitably tire of using clichés like "Cyberwar!" and "Cyberterror!" to describe them. You can own the Future of Warfare!


Over at our sister blog Danger Room, Noah points out that the Estonian prime minister is asking Russia for help in tracking down the perpetrators of the "criminal activity."

The Above From;

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#43 [url]

Jul 10 07 9:20 AM

news Items on a site that in seemingly like fashion is supposed to be dedicated to solutions ....without solutions ...well ....they are kinda useless...

Where are the solutions to the problems folks whine and complain about,,,,

More problems but know from over seas????

How does that help the Ghostchild??

Now lets see a contra comment to that! I sure ego will find a way to discard solutions as not to much of a priority...

Whatsayyou! Oh wise genius of the original genetics of this land

Am I inciting you?? Why yes...guess why?? Because you are wasting your time and taleny ignoring the solution I gave you.....

Why? Can't see the forest for the tress..........are not there anymore???

Wanna know how to get them back forever???

Read the links I proud to accept truth that makes your problems go away??

To proud to tell your people a white man showed you???

Or is it like the whitye man say....To stupid???

Either way it at least deserves an explanation other than you did not kis our assess when you told us.....

Knowledge does not always come from lips on sometimes comes in a lightening bolt upon the head....

You alluded to my people skils.....whats better getting lied to with warm style dripping with a forked tongue or told the irrefutable truth with ice cubes.....

When your ego discovers it's foolish error and reads the info I posted you may be ready for the truth until that time you are addicted to the lie and resulting daily problems......

Blessings upon your awakening out of egoville and primitive ignorance......

No insult intended just calling a spade a spade....prove me wrong and I'll go awawy and offer my apologies....

Why not take me up on my challenge?? Just think how your ego will feel if you prove me wrong!.

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#44 [url]

Jul 10 07 11:31 AM

Your Solution Is A "Christian Solution" Not Born Of This Land.

Simply Put: I Am Not A Christian, And I Cringe When I Am Near The Programmed Sheeple, For They Know Not: Nor Care To Correct What They Have Enabled For The Last 2000 And Some Years.

It Is Not A Solution If It Is Based In Any Connection To The King James Version Of The Holy Bible, As Itself Is In A Sovereign Jurisdictional-CORPORATE FRAUD, Plus Has Been Used In Court Rooms Around The Colonial World: Whom's Colonial Children Have Choose To Look The Way: While It Was Used To Condemn The Innocent And Slaughter Nations Around The World Of Original People, By The Imposition Of Colonial-Christian Martial Law-CORPORATE POLICY.

This Is Not About Ego, It Is About Saying What Others Are Thinking But Are Too Afraid To Use It. The Genocide Went Something Like This: Bible:Bottle:Blanket:Bullet: To Bones: To The Bible Again Over The Bones As Last Rites. Now What Is The Role Of Christianity In Fixing What It Has Enabled? Who Will Return The Millions Of Original People Around The World: Whom Are Lost To Their Cultural, Tribal Ways? Assimilation Was Led By The Churches, And Brainwashed Millions To Call Themselves Something They Are Not? To Put Down Their Custom And Tradition So They Could Become The Blue Collar Slaves Of The Christian Empires?

I Speak With And Share With Those Whom Follow The Words Of Christ, Not Those Whom Use The Business Of The Church's That Created This Problem.

I Stopped Looking At The Links You Send, As One Link Caused Me To Loose Control Of My Little Box Of Wires.....

Further, Your Way Is Your Way And We Reserve The Right To Find Our Own, Lost Or Not. We Have Put Up With Bullies, Con's And Spy's, Corrupt Governments And Money Takers. We Lost Our Voice: Because We Did Not Talk Up To Our Master's.

I See And Understand What You Trying To Share: But How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat Myself Before You Understand That The Solution Comes From Within, Not Based In Statuate's Of Alien Business Interest's Across Big Waters?

There Are A Couple More Whom Are Walking With Us Who Believe As You Do That This System Is Correctable From Within. They Have Entered Court As A Fiction To Challenge The Fiction: Next Week Their Cause Will Be Thrown Out Of Court For Being "Vexsatious And Firvalous."

These Are Not Wet Behind The Ears Persons, But Rather CANADIAN'S Whom Have Sought A Way Out Through Sovereignty And Adoption, And Truly Are Working In The Jails And Courts To Help Our Original And Metis Relations. They Speak Well And With Respect: They Ask First And Never Assume: They Understand Where We Are And How We Got Here: And They Listen And Take Instruction As They Know Where Authority Comes From: And Do What They Can To Observe Our Ways, Without Imposing Their Own. They Have Learned To Move With Us, When Will You?

The Solution Is In The Question: Then How Do We Set The People Free Around The World? Is It A PAPER-FICTION WORLD Or Sovereign Right Given By The Creator?

Then The Answer Is Simple: By The Ways That Were Avoided To Make This Pile Of Crap Some Call Inheritance: By The Perspective And Perception Of The Ways Of The Land Before The Alien Martial Law Imposed Upon It: The Assumption And Presumption Of The Dominion: Corrected Only By The Right And Recognition Of The Common Law Of The Land That Is The Right Of All Lands Around The World, That Are Not "INCORPORATIONS". A Sovereign Solution: Is The Only Solution: When Good MEN Stand By And Do Nothing....The GhostChild.

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#45 [url]

Jul 10 07 4:47 PM

My dear Owlmon,

This is LightSeeker and I am a Jew. What is the offering that you have regarding the growth of this group? First of all, in your last diatribe it would be wise to use
"Too" when you a refering to circumstance.

If this is a photo of yourself that you have posted then I surmise that we are of the same generation and persuasion. What I suggest from what time we have left on this planet that we endeavor we be more constructive and to try to clarify our personal meaning rather than to challenge the establishment.

I have read your posts and there is an aura of hopeful despiration in both of us. Can we just put down our psychic knitting needles and just get with the program and challenge it later?

Time IS of the Essence for both of us---whether you beleive it or not, so Honey, get with the program or move on down the TRAIL.

Love to you in "Spades",
Gainesville, Florida

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#46 [url]

Jul 26 07 12:22 PM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NCamphaug@GOV.NU.CA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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#47 [url]

Jul 29 07 9:19 PM

Hey GLEN BECK: Ward Churchill Should Be Punished For His Academic Fraud, Correct? That Is What You Said Right?

What About The Two Universities In This String?

Did They Not Enable The FBI And The RCMP And UNSLAVER To Steal Our Site And Voice?

I Am Sorry To Disagree: There Is No Freedom Of Speech: Except The CORPORATE SPEACH/DOCTRINE Of Those Whom Can Afford To Be Heard: Sin To Spin To Spun.....The GhostChild.

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#48 [url]

Aug 25 07 8:31 AM

972 Views And In All This Time: Nothing Is Done To Correct Or Address This CORPORATE CRIME....Now Why Is That?

47 Comments But None Offer A Way Or Solution To Regain What Has Been Stolen: Nor Compensation For Stress. As This Continues....You Prove Me Right About The CONSINTRATION CAMPS Of The [AMERICA'S]:

This Correction Must Come From Those Who Push This Crap About LAW And JUSTICE: PATRISM And LOYALITY: As Far As I Can See: It Only Applies To Those Who Have Money: Can Afford To Sue: Can Afford To Wait For The COURT To Make Up Its Feeble Mind As To What Has Accured.

When Two University's Play A Role: State And Provincial Police And Federal Police: Then It Is Infocide=Intellectual Murder=Genocide.

Gentlemen and Educator's: Check Your Oaths: You Are Making The CORPORATION HEAD LOOK AS IF SHE CAN NOT CONTROL HER COLONIAL CHILDREN. I Wonder What Makes You Think You Are Protected? What Makes You Think You Have Not Sinned? What Makes You Think You Will Not Be Deported?

Our Land Our Law vs. YOUR CORPORATE POLICY AND JURISDICTIONAL FRAUD....Think About It....The GhostChild.

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#49 [url]

Sep 9 07 7:14 PM

1000 views: And Still No Justice Has Arrived! I Guess It Proves That CON-Stitutional Right's Are Meaningless When An Intellectual Murder Has Occured And Continues To Occure While Posts On This Site Continue To Disappear?

Thank You For The Proof....The GhostChild.

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#50 [url]

Sep 13 07 12:05 PM


Well There It Is: Return My Property: Pay My Demand: Or Go To Jail....I Think Those Responsible Are Surely Within The Posession Of Their CORPORATE POLICY: If Not You Are Now.....1-204-282-0719.....The GhostChild.

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#52 [url]

Oct 20 07 10:40 AM

What was, what is, and what will come to pass.

The investigative search is over.

The conclusive piece to this puzzle ends and begins full circle with;




Information Exploitation Office

Persistent surveillance and information exploitation to sense,
monitor and control the battlespace.

(Editor Note: I Have Removed This link At Prairy's Request For Your Computor's Safety, Hostile Link, And Her Computer Is Now Grey Screen...The GhostChild.)


Emmett Dabru
770 Penn Quarter
Washington, District of Columbia 20202
United States

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#53 [url]

Oct 20 07 11:43 PM

Emmett Are You A Fascist? Or Just Employed By CORPORATE DARKNESS?

Are You The CON-Stitutional DEFEATING Little Shit Who Proved Me Right About The Lot Of Those Like You?

Thank You. Now Return My Property.....Full Circle Is Just Around The Corner...The GhostChild.

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#54 [url]

Oct 21 07 9:52 AM

Emmett; I Thought About You Just Now, Did You Feel It?

Truly You Represent Just A Little Bit Of Shit On My Shoe As I Have Walked This Road Of The Creator: So I Am Not Interested In You To The Extent Of The Role You Played: I Just Want To Know The Chain Of Command Above You: That Gave You The Order's To Do What You Have Done: When I Am Satisfied I Have The Correct Chain, I Will Let You Off The Hook: I Can Understand How These Things Can Happen: How Pressure To Conform To Contracts And The Demands Of CORPORATE Darkness: Can Push Some Who Truly Wish To Help: To Be Fooled Into Doing Wrong As They Conditioned To Think It Is Right....

To The Chain Of Command: We Will Have Our Day You And I......The GhostChild.

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#55 [url]

Oct 25 07 8:43 PM

It came to pass that if one holds a mirror up to Emmett Dabru, it comes out Dabru Emet, not a person, but a Jewish Statement on Christians And Christianity.

If anyone knows how to reach Emmett Dabru, please drop us a line....



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#56 [url]

Nov 2 07 12:03 PM

1253 views.....Still Standing By And Doing Nothing?

Thank You Whom Sit In Silence For The Proof That DEMOCRACY IS CORPORATE In Nature And Application To The Double Standard : As To Those Whom Are Protected And Those Left To The Cold......The GhostChild.

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#57 [url]

Nov 17 07 10:36 AM

In MyShiningCanoe: The Pauper Prince Chief Of Point Douglas.

By Okimow-Wacon Nepakaneepawit/Scott Phillip Hayes/INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE(CORPORATE SHELL)/The One Who Came Before Who Helped/The GhostChild/Royal Metis.

Why Is There So Much Silence As Agreement To Claims Made By Me To Perpetual Succession?
Why Is There So Much Silence As Agreement To The Manifesto Directive: I Co-Authored?
Why Is There So Much Silence As Consent To The Abuse And Disenfrancisement Of My Family?
Why Is There So Much Silence As Consent To The Ongoing Genocide For A Geocide Of The Original Sovereign People Of Turtle Island?

As I Have Made Claim: And The Claim Was Stolen By CORPORATE ENTITIES From The FRANCISE CORPORATIONS Of [CANADA] And The [UNITED STATES OF AMERICA].....Thereby Silence As Consent Is Still Consent: Thus I Accept This Offer Of Consent.

I Have Stood As The Living And Breathing Proof Of My Claims To The Transparent And Empirical Testing Of My Dna....Which Has Met With Silence As Consent....Should Not The Transparent And Empirical Testing Of My Dna Follow? Or Is It That No Such Thing Exist's Without Payment?

Then: Since: And Now: I Accept This Offer By Silence As Consent: I Will Wait Here In Point Douglas: In Silence As Consent: To The Testing Call To Arrive From The SUBORDINATE OFFICER'S/CROWN EMPLOYEE'S/SUBJECTS/VASSAL'S/DEBTOR'S.....Until Then....I Am Merely The Pauper Prince Chief Of Point Douglas....

Only One King Chief Has Made Himself Know To Me: Thus I Recognise And Affirm By Lawful Claim: Kitchi O-Stew Kaneekanagoshick Okimow-Wacon Kaneekaneet As The King Chief Of [CANADA].

Further: Should Any Other Lawful/Historic King Chief Step Forward For Mutual Recognition And Inclusion For The Correction Of FRANCISE CORPORATIONS Upon The Great Turtle Island: I Also Await You.

Should Any Other Royal Metis Stand As "THE KING OF [CANADA]": I Refute Your Unlawful Claim: And Do Hereby Put Down Your Scheme. Should This Cause Stress To The Scheming Heir's And Successor's Of Europe: You Will Get Over It Quickly. You Will Absolutely: Govern Yourselves Accordingly To The Higher Beneficial Part's Of Your Laws.

Truly And Sincerely: Okimow-Wacon Nepakaneepawit/Scott Phillip Hayes/INDIAN MOON RAVENSTONE(CORPORATE SHELL)/The One Who Came Before Who Helped/The GhostChild/Royal Metis.

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#58 [url]

Dec 5 07 10:11 AM


I Hope You Have Learned Alot Being Inside My Computor Exploiting My Thought And Action: It Is All A Reflecting Of Your Activity.

I Hope You Have Enoyed Intellectually Masterbating Over My Little HeadGame: And I Thank You For Stealing From Me My Property: For You Left Your Foot Prints On The Web: Thus Expect The Day It All Catches Up To You:

As My Words Have Forced Your CROWN EMPLOYEE'S To Change Their POLICY In Regard To All Privacy: Thus You Will Drown In The Paper You Have Used To Stay Afloat Of The Matter.

To The Secret Society: Though I Am Born Of All Your Historical Minipulation And Genocide: I Have Revealed You: It Is A Small Planet: You Will Be Found And Publically Flushed Out In Plain View. Genocide For Geocide: Plain And Simple: It Was By Your Words And Deeds: The Declaration Of INDEPENDENCE Is Proof Of That: For When Secret Society's Scheme To Usurp The Will Of The People: Full Circle.

In Twenty Years From The MYTH OF FIRST CONTACT: 75 Million Turtle Islander's Became 1.5 Million INCORPORATIONS For The COLONIES Of The CORPORATE MONARCHS' Of Europe....Slaver's The Lot Of You: You Will Be Held Acountable.

As I Am A Perpetual Successor By Your Hand, Word And Silence: I Do Hereby Order You To Lay Down Your Fraud Before Me: To Receive Your Instructions To Repair What You Have Done. Since You Care Not What HARM You Have Created Here Upon The Allodial Lands' Of Turtle Island: It Is Not Too Late To Save Your Own Children.

A Knight Is Not Known By His Valour: But By His Deeds.....The GhostChild.

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#60 [url]

Jan 31 08 10:54 AM

user posted image

I found this in my paper file trails that this article really had been posted on indy media at one time. Whether it is truth or false, thought I'd share. Prairy

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