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Mar 4 10 1:10 AM

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What happened on Ghostchild it appears the name serves well GHOST is the fire out? Moon are you okay? Prairy are you okay? Are all the others okay? Hopefully you all are too busy in your families lives!! Anyway I wish you all well and the good fight still rampages on.
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Mar 5 10 8:46 AM

Awww, no, this Fire Circle is not dead. It's spirit and essence is still alive and well. I check in every day and say prayers to kindle the fire and make sure no one has doused the coals.

Moon has been silent because someone stole his and his daughters computers. The thief also stole one of their bicycles that they used to get around. The Winnipeg police said they had found one of the computers, however, when Moon called to see when they would return it, they said, "What computer, we don't have a computer." Moon is also supposed to be moving to another house with out black mold invading the interior like the house he lives in now, but since I spoke to him last, he hadn't found such a house to move to yet. If you want to talk to Moon, you can give him a jingle at his home phone, he would love to hear from you. Also, you can join in on the Conference calls to catch up on the latest developments on the "Good Battle." I need to return a call from him myself, but it might be a few days till I can call, as I am busier than a Bee in Springtime.

As for the others at the fire circle, I haven't heard much news from them recently. I need to check in on Pere, as I had heard there were violent storms move through his area. Moon had heard from Yina a while back. Hopefully Lightseeker, tojil, Willow, Red Dan and the others are hanging in there and that no news is good news.

I have taken a temp job to try to offset accumulated medical bills and banksters tricks that have weighed us down like being trapped in the mud. My husband does not have many "good days" any longer, as he can become ill with little or no notice, which is the outcome of growing up with a toxic, radio active chemical plant in his back yard. I've been trying to take up the workload for the both of us, but it doesn't seem like I'm gaining ground. Our youngest is expecting her first baby, so I am going to try to get over there to help her when the time comes, she lives 1300 miles away from I'm also trying to help the Ghost Troops prevent False Flag ops. Guess once a Ghost, always a Ghost...

There's lots more going on I haven't covered, gotta run for now. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your news. I will try to post more soon.
Blessings of Hope be to All,

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